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Article Overview:   Insurance Terrorism. Our troops gearing up to go to Iraq are being ripped off by insurance salespeople selling them high-priced products that return little benefits. Is the crime of Insurance Terrorism a crime of betraying the trust of the young? Should it be dealt with by severe penalties? Are those who sell protection to the young Warriors of Vigilance vultures feeding off the Fears, Intimidations and Complanciens of the young? You decide.



GROUND ZERO--July 20, 2004, New York, NY--War brings with it vultures who feed on the bodies of the dead. It also attracts vultures who feed on the living who think they are going to die.

That's what's happening to many of the young, unaware Warriors of Vigilance heading to Iraq. But the vultures aren't scrawny necked birds with demon-red eyes. They are human beings, feeding off the wallets of the young troops by selling them insurance policies that cost a fortune and pay out little.

In a lengthy expose, the New York Times today revealed a number of life insurance and financial services companies across the country are going to military bases and selling different life insurance and financial products to young servicemen and women in the guise of being "approved" by the military.

Government regulations forbid the selling of insurance on military installations, but many of the salespeople are former military personnel who conduct "financial" classes to the troops and sign up the unsuspecting to policies that eat away at their income and provide little Specialist Brandon Conger signed up while underging basic training at Fort Bragg, Garelative protection.

Insurance policies of up to $250,000 are available through the government to troops at a very reasonable cost, but the "insurance vultures" ignore that fact as they push the troops to buy their "products" geared to lace the salespeople's and company's pockets while strangling the owner's wealth. (See New York Times Article)

Terrorism comes in many shapes and sizes, and one of the worst of all is Insurance Terrorism. The service people buying the policies are purchasing them out of blind faith, assuming that an insurance company by its very nature is like a father or mother, or grandmother and grandfather--more concerned about their welfare than anyone can imagine.

The troops--a number of whom are about to die in battle--forget that the insurance company is a money-making machine, often more interested in its sales and earnings than in the protection of its policy holders.

This subject of "Insurance Corporate Terrorism" is close to my own heart. I've recently been a victim of "Insurance Terrorism" in a reverse of what the Iraqi-slated battle troops have been victims of.

In my case, a major insurance company used my service in Vietnam thirty-nine years ago as a weapon against me to nullify a claim I made regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I suffered as a result of being at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001.

They denied my claim on the grounds that my "symptoms" were an "exacerbation" of my "war-related experiences." They were using my former combat as a sledgehammer to crush my claim, despite the fact that for nearly four decades I never exhibited one symptom of combat PTSD, but, immediately following the horror of Nine Eleven, my life began to spin about in a whirlpool of raging emotions, focusing on avenging the terrorist attack on our nation and the threats it imposed on my children and grandchildren.

I have little respect for the ethics of insurance companies, or the coarse tactics they will employ to avoid paying a claim that borders on, if not totally evolving into, "Corporate Terrorism."One of the alleged Insurance Terrorists

In my case, they literally robbed me of money I deserved by manufacturing false reasons for denying me my economic rights I had paid for over thirty years. In the current case of Corporate Insurance Terrorism cited in detail by the New York Times, the industry is feeding on the bodies of the young, the vulnerable, ravaging their income at the front end.

In one example illustrated by the Times, $500 a month was taken out of a soldier's paycheck for a policy that rendered $28,000 in benefits. Many of the examples given included troops signing documents and not knowing they were enrolling for insurance payments and found that out only after their paychecks shrank,or, their mothers or fathers noticed debits that their sons or daughters had no knowledge were being taken from their pay.

Insurance terrorism is a bitter crime because it is performed on a platform of filial trust. The young think of an insurance company as a "parent," guarding and watching over their welfare, ready to rush in with a cushion of money in the case of death or disability.

It is this symbol of "parental protection" that causes the young to blindly accept the idea of insurance, for they feel "safe" in the idea that "insurance" is exempt from the greed and avarice of most companies and ethically and morally stands above the temptations to rape, pillage and plunder its policyholders.

That couldn't be farther from the truth. When push comes to shove, the insurance company will try and wriggle out of its obligation with the articulation of a snake slithering into the weeds, for like any company, the more money it makes the bigger the salaries and bonuses of its top executives and the fatter the checks of its salespeople.

This doesn't mean that insurance is bad, but rather than insurance is not a moral and ethical giant that can be trusted on face value. Like any investment, insurance needs to be studied and its performance evaluated against other investments.

The Times noted the value of money invested in a mutual fund versus the same amount invested in insurance, illustrating the power of the return in the mutual fund versus the low yield from the insurance policy.

But the troops being sold insurance weren't given such a comparison. They were seduced into thinking that when the policies they bought matured there would be a pot of gold at the end. What they weren't told was that the pot had a hole in the bottom and most of the money dropped out into the company's pocket and very little was left over for the policyholder.

The point is that Terrorism Management begins at home. We are blinded sometimes in thinking that Terrorism is about the physical assaults on our country or persons--the bomb exploding on the bus, the water being poisoned, the dirty bomb going off in the center of town or the beheading of a person held captive.Complacency involves turning our heads in denial

True Terrorism is about Fear, Intimidation and Complacency. The worst of these three Triads of Terrorism is Complacency, for it involves turning our heads in denial of the violations of mutual trust necessary for us to protect ourselves from ourselves.

Tort and criminal law are designed to avert crimes against society and individuals by providing penalties for "violating" the trust of the public or person. The more egregious the crime of violating that trust, the more severe the penalty should be.

Violating the innocence of the youth ranks high at the top of the list, and when it is performed by a "father" or "mother" figure such as an insurance company, the crime elevates in its need to be punished. It bubbles to the top of the pile.

Here are young troops going to war, facing death. In front of them are insurance vultures, preying on the young. They deceive the youth into thinking they are buying something "good" when in relation to other things, they are buying something "bad." They unconscionably take the limited assets of the young and stuff them into their pockets, stripping the young warriors of their precious economic wealth in return for a goose that lays leaden eggs.

What should the punishment be for these people?

Under current law the crimes committed are relative to a hand slap. But shouldn't those who orchestrated the crimes be considered Financial Terrorists?

Aren't they beheading the economic wealth of the young through deception and misleading information that results in the lining of theirpockets and the emptying of their policy holders'?Adults sitting around the table planning to deceive under the veil of insurance

Think about the conspiracy that goes on when adults sit around a table and plot and plan to deceive others of their rights under the veil of insurance. It's not unlike a table full of child molesters discussing how they are going to enter a school and teach children how to protect themselves against child molesters.

The insurance companies involved in this debacle of societal trust should be labeled "Corporate Financial Terrorists," or "Insurance Terrorists," for their crimes are so horrid in nature and violate such a fundamental trust that anything less would be a folly, a sham.

If we are to become a Nation of Vigilance, we must hold accountable those who attempt to Terrorize our youth with penalties that equal the degree of the crime they commit. Ravaging the financial wealth of young troops going to war for personal and corporate gain is a crime worthy of being elevated to Terrorism.

As Parents, Grandparents and Citizens of Vigilance, we all need to cry out for more severe punishment against the insurance companies who betray the trust of the people. When such institutions are held liable for their crimes, then we will have moved one step closer toward resolving other forms of Terrorism within our own borders.

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