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OVERVIEW OF STORY: What happens when you can't look yourself in the eye in the mirror without feeling uncomfortable, ashamed, disappointed at the reflection staring back at you? When we reach a bottom where we can't stand ourselves, it's a sign the Beast of Terror has been victorious over us. It is time to call out the Sentinels of Vigilance and seek their help to build the power of the self.

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1054 DAYS, New York, NY, August 1, 2004--The greatest of all Terrorists for many is the mirror.

I listened to a woman telling a story the other day of how she hated herself so much that she refused to look into any mirrors and see her reflection. She was talking about a grand mirror that consumed a wall in her apartment that had been gifted to her by her grandmother.

During one of the lows of her life, she ducked and weaved or glanced all directions except toward the mirror with its beautiful beveled edges and antique frame.

Her goal was to avoid confronting her own Beast of Terror.

My friend couln't look in the mirror nor confront her own Beast of Terror
My friend couldn't look in the mirror nor confront her own Beast of Terror .

Events in her life had driven her to what is called a "bottom," where an individual's disgust for themselves swallows all the goodness, all the life, all the joy, all the happiness of today and tomorrow. She was trapped like the wolf in a snare, with no other choice but to chew off her own leg.

Then she ran into the Sentinels of Vigilance.

They told her she could battle her Fear with Courage, her Intimidation with Conviction, and her Complacency that she was powerless over her situation with Right Actions that were selflessly designed and aimed to be of service to others.

Slowly, she battled her Beasts. She took them on one at a time, taking her Pledge of Vigilance each and every day. She believed that if others could battle their Beasts, she could too.

Prior to her meeting the Sentinels of Vigilance, she had little real human communication with her son. Her shame and guilt drove a wedge between them such that she was afraid of letting her real self out because she felt is was so stained and tainted by the past that if she did it might infect her son.

But the real infection was the lack of honesty and communication of her self to her son. She hid in the cave of her Fear, Intimidation and Complacency and watched the world pass her by. She was the victim of life, and hammered continually on her defects and shortcomings as though they were nails in her living coffin.

When she began to live by the Pledge of Vigilance she learned there was hope, that there was a way out of the deep caves of human self-depreciation, of personal assassination conducted by thoughts of being "unworthy," "not as good as," "not as pretty as," "not as smart as," and the litany of thoughts that tend to bury those who hang their heads and duck looking into mirrors because the pain of seeing the "loser," or the "failure" becomes too massive a burden to bear.

She reached her bottom. There was no place to go for her except death, and that option she could not face. So she turned to the Sentinels of Vigilance.

My friend was guided by the Sentinels of Vigilance
The Sentinels of Vigilance lifted my friend back on her feet and guided her on her way to become the woman...and mother...she wanted to be

They lifted her back on her feet and soothed her savaged soul. They told her she could become the woman she always wanted to be, and that the Beast of Terror had consumed her, digested her, and excreted her. But, if she were willing to muster at least One Percent more Courage than Fear, and One Percent more Conviction than Intimidation, and One Percent more energy to take the Right Actions that benefit the Children's Children's Children rather than to give up hope and become Complacent that she could never change, never be happy, never be the woman she knew deep inside was hungry to rise to the surface, she could re-create herself in the image she always wanted to be.

However, there was a catch. She couldn't do it just for herself. Selfishness, the Sentinels said, led to Complacency, for one can never sate oneself with enough money, enough power, enough prestige or glory. Equally, they said, one can never demean or degrade or depreciate oneself to a point where there was ultimate satisfaction in being a "nobody," or a "loser," for there was always something that would increase the pain, or create new wounds, or open old ones festering on the emotional soul of the self.

To achieve this goal of evolution of the self, the Sentinels said, one must be selfless in his or her actions and deeds. Instead of seeking glory, power, prestige one must act to the ultimate benefit of the Children's Children's Children. That is, for future generations.

"The greatest act of selfishness is to put your own self to the side and do that which is right for the future of the children rather than yourself," said one of the Sentinels.

To assure this would happen, the Sentinels offered her the Pledge of Vigilance and told her to make the vow each day to do what was right to battle Fear, Intimidation and Complacency not for her own personal gain, but for that of her children and loved ones, and all the future children.

She began to do it. It was painful at first, for the old thoughts drummed into her mind constantly that she was a "loser" and a "failure" and a "victim" and a host of other attempts to keep her true self locked in the dank prisons of low self esteem.

But she didn't give up. She fought the Beast of Terror within until one day her son began to read her Harry Potter books and she found herself listening to him with rapt attention.

Her son began to be her best friend, teaching her a wide variety of card games from the book of Hoyle.

My friend now sees herself as a young, innocent child
My friend now sees herself as a young, innocent child

And, she caught herself looking into the mirror, that beautiful full wall landscape of reality's reflection. She was no longer afraid of what she saw because the Beast of Terror had been beaten. He had retreated into the marrow of her being, hoping that she might let up her Vigilance and go back to old ways of thought that would feed the Beast and make him strong again.

However, she refused. She continued to take the Pledge of Vigilance and concern herself not with how important she was, but rather how important her son was, and how important it was for her to interact with the world and be a productive member of society who acted, or tried to act always, to the benefit of the future of the children.

Today, she carries a mirror in her purse and when she gazes into it, instead of seeing her reflection, she sees the reflection of herself as a young, innocent child,whose eyes sparkle with all the hope and imagination of a world about to be explored.

You can see the same reflection in any mirror you look upon. To assure this, take the Pledge of Vigilance today. And be the man or woman you've always wanted to be, for the right reasons.

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