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Cliff McKenzie, Editor

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1296 DAY--New York, NY, Thursday, March 31, 2005--Some of the best writing is the shortest. Some things can be said with the meagerest of words.

So, this piece will be brief.

Hopefully, it will provoke rich, stirring thought.

Here it is.

Schiavo's feeding tube has been pulled to the frustration and horror of her family and supporters

Terry Schiavo is a young woman who has been on a feeding tube for more than a decade. Her parents claim she is aware. Her husband and legal guardian claim she is in a vegetative state. Doctors on both sides argue the state of her being--one side claiming she is as good as dead, the other, she is alive and well trapped inside her body.

Moralists battle over the "right to die." Because she had no living will, the decision about pulling out her feeding tube and letting her "die with dignity" rests with her husband. Her parents have argued against such a decision for years.

Finally, the feeding tube has been pulled. Terry Schiavo is inching her way toward a death by starvation.

On another continent, another human being is being fed by a tube.

Pope John Paul II is reported to be consuming food through a tube stuck into his stomach through his nose.

At 84 and ailing fast, the Pope may become the next Terry Schiavo.

The question of Vigilance today is: "Is there a difference between a Holy Feeding Tube and a normal one?"

In other words, is there any moral difference between keeping the Pope alive when his life on earth seems to have been deemed terminal by Nature and that of keeping of Terry Schiavo alive?

On the other hand, should the Pope's Holy Tube be pulled, as was Terry Schiavos?

I consider it ironic that both the Pope and Terry Schiavo end up on the same front page of moral decisions in this 21st Century period of moral and secular clashes.

Something is afoot.

In the Holy City of Jerusalem, three of the world's oldest and often bitterly opposed religions have come together to speak out in protest against a planned Gay Festival to be held in Jersusalem in August.

Major clerics from Christianity, Judaism and Islam are lobbying against the WorldPride festival being held in the Holy City, including parades down the street.

Three major religions are making a show of unity to stop the WorldPride festival in Jerusalem, the Holy City

American Rabbi Yehuda Levin of the Rabbinical Alliance of America says the festival is the "spiritual rape of the Holy City." He added: "This is not homo land, this is the Holy Land."

In many ways, the 21st Century is a time when the "moral tubes" are being shoved down people's throats as well as being ripped out of their gullets.

What is right? What isn't?

Is there a Holy Tube?

Is there one on any moral question?

Or, do we ultimately need to let Nature take her course and step out of her way?

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