Article Overview:   Happy Thanksgiving to all current and future readers.


Thursday--November 27, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 806
Happy Thanksgiving 2003
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Nov. 27, 2003-- My wife and I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.
     We wish you a Vigilant Thanksgiving, one that hopefully will be void of the Beast of Terror.
      We offer this Thanksgiving Prayer:

  Thanksgiving Prayer 2003    

Oh, God, in whatever form you might appear, remind us this day that the bounty of Life is a gift of belief--a belief in Courage over Fear, a belief in Conviction over Intimidation, and most of all, a belief in taking Right Actions that benefit the Children's Children's Children rather than actions that only serve ourselves and our immediate family.
        Even though our world today may be spinning in the shadow of the Beast of Terror, let your Sunshine prevail.   Let the faith and belief in the innocence of our youth overpower the Beast's nefarious acts that seek to separate us from our children and the duty we have to become Sentinels of Vigilance for all children of all times.
        As we partake in the gifts of food and family and fellowship on this day, let us seek the grace of your Sentinels of Love and your Sentinels of Compassion for all those who struggle to find freedom from tyranny and oppression both within our own land, and lands far far from our doorsteps.
         Let us all Pledge our Vigilance today to protect the future from the enemies of Innocence, who disguise themselves in many shapes and sizes of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.  
         Let us be reminded we are here to serve the future generations, and if we keep our vision to the future of the Children's Children's Children, the cornucopia of Love and Fulfillment of our purpose as Parents, Grandparents, Citizens and Loved One's of Vigilance will be fulfilled in honor of you and the Manifest Destiny of all who believe the world can one day rest in peace when we respect and honor each other as we we respect and honor those we love the most.
          We ask for your Grace and Blessings this great day, and all days that follow, not only for ourselves, but for all the children of the past, the present and the future.


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