What do the Russians think about Terrorism?  About invading Iraq?  About cloning?  About Henry Kissinger?  About Americans running over South Korean girls in tanks?   About why Russia lost the moon race?  About smallpox vaccinations?   Opinions shape the world, and Pravda, the English version of Russian News, is another Voice worth looking at.  In this fascinating article, you can see another side of Terrorism--the Russian side.  And as Walter Cronkite might say:  "That's the way it is!"


Wednesday--December 4, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 448
How Russian News Looks At Terrorism, Henry Kissinger, Smallpox, Iraq And Russia Itself

Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

       GROUND ZERO, New York City, Dec. 4 --If you're interested in taking a look at how one of America's former bitter enemies views the world, take a look at Pravda, the Russian NY Times and Voice of the Russian people.  (link to Pravda
       For more than a generation, the Cold War pitted America versus Russia in an icy nuclear standoff that crumbled on Nov. 9, 1989 with the breaking of the Berlin Wall and the "fall of communism."

 The Brandenburg Gate                                   Breaking the Wall

       Today, Russia and the United States--despite many social, political, religious and economic differences--are working to unite their former superpower status into a global unity against Terrorism.    But, the rub of the green is still there.  Splinters of dissent between Russia and the United States still pierce vulnerable parts of each nation's body.

       Pravda is a far cry from America's NY Times and Christian Science Monitor, but its goal is the same--to inform the public.    What is interesting about Pravda's style after reading major U.S. publications each morning is its folksy, clearly opinionated clarity of the "news."    Unlike American journalism, Pravda doesn't pretend to be "news."  It is more honest.  It is opinion, laced with news.  American journalism pretends its opinion is news.
     True journalism is supposed to be black and white.  Half of the information is supposed to be pro an issue, and the other half con, allowing readers to make up their minds which half they want to swallow.  Unfortunately, American journalism is truly one-sided.  It is all about rock throwing rather than fortress building, it is about destroying the public's strength and duty, not protecting it. 

By National Equal Justice Administration

     Television journalists are the most flagrant examples of rock throwers disguised as Fourth Estate Knights.  Instead of asking a question and waiting for an answer, they couch a statement in the form of a question, much as a lawyer does when leading a witness to answer what that lawyer wants him to say.   Thus,  the interviewer--the newsperson--steers  information along whatever course he or she selects.   Rather than soliciting the true opinion of the people, the reporter elicits the opinions and prejudices he or she, or the publisher holds.   The news, instead of being the Voice of the people, becomes the forum for the newscaster, the reporter, the publisher.
       Pravda is refreshing because it doesn't dance around opinion and try to mask its reporting in diaphanous detachment.  It just skews the opinion without fanfare, especially when the article deals with America.   Often the writing is enflamed with prejudice, so obvious one almost applauds it for not trying to appear like a sheep who is really a hungry wolf.
     Below, I've provided a table of today's Pravda stories and links so readers can take a spin through them and arrive at their own conclusions.   I also would suggest readers dial up or, or to compare the way the verbiage is presented between East and West.   I would suggest switching on MSNBC or CNN or the local news to reinforce how many words are put in the public's mouth, but only the brain dead are immune to reporters telling people what they are saying.

Cronkite working at CBS

       I'm aware of this dilemma in news reporting because tomorrow tonight I'm going to a lecture by Walter Cronkite at New York City College.   I'm eager to hear him speak, for he was considered by many to be the "true newsman," a man who walked the middle line between the yin and yang of news as carefully as any in history.    His credibility as a news authority has been likened to the prowess of Babe Ruth; Cronkite is a legend in hitting home runs for news purity and for maintaining credibility in reporting.
      Some have called him the most "credible man of the 20th century."

       I believe the news today is pedantic.   It seems to be issued from Zeus' Olympus table, and w--mere mindless earthlings are his playthings.  I sometimes feel the news treats the public like Zeus did--that we are a bunch of dolts, unable to deal with critical social, political, ethnic and moral issues just as Zeus considered humans unable to even manage fire.   He controlled it with lightening bolts.
      In my opinion journalists think they are the Zeus's of Liberty and Justice.   They act as though they were our "defenders" our "Voices," and hurl rocks at the flaws of government as though they were in charge of managing Justice and Liberty.   But there is a fallacy in their presumptive legislation over our rights.   They seem to be Johnny-come-lately regarding the real issues of our society.
      Let's take Terrorism as one small but vital example.
      If the press is our "guardian" of Truth and Justice, our Keeper of Security, our "watchdogs of government," then how come prior to Nine Eleven their headlines didn't shout for "better security" of our homeland?   I don't remember front page editorials warning America to beware al-Qaeda, or them calling for families to bolt and lock their doors.  I do see them throwing rocks at government and wagging fingers at the flaws and gaps in our security.   I see them as fishwives, Monday morning quarterbacks, armchair travelers.
      Post Nine Eleven, I didn't see headlines calling for everyone in America to become a Citizen of Vigilance.  I didn't see the Pledge of Vigilance splashed on every front page each day.  I didn't see the demand for citizens to become responsible to defeat Terrorism.
      Instead, I saw a lot of name calling and attacks on our downsides.  Are defenders of Freedom in the business of castigating wrongdoers, or promoting right doing?
       Perhaps the answer can be quickly found when a newscaster interrupts his castigation for a  "short commercial break" where he or she has the makeup crew insure the cracks and crinkles don't show too much. while the cash register rings.
       My take on "real journalism"  harkens back to the days when Thomas Paine's Common Sense Pamphlets  incited the American public to a state of Vigilance in the face of Terrorism.    Paine sought to fire the public's ire against Complacency, Fear and Intimidation of the British, and to stand up for the future of the children's children's children by establishing self-government instead of accepting rule from an authority so far distant that the King knew no American's name.

Thomas Paine with "Common Sense"

     I find the similarity between Paine's time and today not too different.   The distance from the average American citizen and the President of the United States' ear is at least as far as it was from America to England in 1775, perhaps even farther.   Today, there are 1.7 million federal employees standing between the average American and the President, a large body of insulation that makes it almost impossible for him to hear the muffled Voices of the people.  Big government has small ears.
      Bush's storming of the country recently prior to mid-term elections wasn't to listen to the people's concerns, but rather to sell an agenda to them.   He was on the preaching end, not the meditation one.    If you were talking, he was losing.  Obviously, he did his job.  He sold America on voting for what he believes is right rather than asking the mothers and fathers and grandparents and grandchildren what they thought was right.
     He was the MSNBC Hardball commentator Chris Matthews, punching America in the guts with his beliefs on why we should go to war, and vote out any "namby pamby" politicians who promoted domestic rather than foreign policy.  Like any good Terrorist, he employed Fear, Intimidation and Complacency to drive the audience to the polls and switch undecided votes to "guns-without-butter-ballot."
       I'm not suggesting George Bush was wrong in his approach.   He got off his butt and acted.   That's to his credit.   Had he lost the mid-term elections and control of the Senate and House gone to the Democrats, he would have lost his power to influence the world.   He did what he had to do to maintain his belief we can "kill Terrorism."  But that may not be what we need to do.  It may not be the wishes of the people.  And, it may not be in the ultimate best interests of the children's children's children.
     Thomas Paine didn't want to kill the King of England.  He wanted the end to monarchial power.  He wanted Vigilance to rule over Terrorism.  He wanted individuals to be crowned the King or Queen of their land, and not be fiefs under some titular rule that suggested the "powers that be" knew more than the average person about how to live life.  He wanted Monarchial Terrorism dethroned by removing the Fear, Intimidation and Complacency that "power over people" creates.  The only way to counter such power, he promoted,  is to empower the people--to give them Courage, Conviction and Right Actions so they could rise to Zeus's level or pull him down to theirs.  


      Paine was a modern day Prometheus.  He gave people the knowledge of how to use fire instead of waiting for Zeus to create it through lightening.   In Greek mythology, Zeus got very mad at Prometheus for giving human beings power over the gods.  Zeus controlled fire.   Without fire, people were helpless.  Only through lightening bolts could humans on earth light their fires.   When Prometheus came to earth he liked human beings and felt sorry for them because the gods controlled the fire.  He decided to defy Zeus and taught humans how to make their own fire.  He taught them how to control their own destiny and not rely on Olympus or some "governmental god" to dictate the future of the earth.   When he saw a father or mother teach a son or daughter how to create and use fire, he knew he had given humanity the power of self-government not just to the people, but to the children's children's children.  He was, perhaps, one of the first Sentinels of Vigilance.  
      We need to learn to light our own fires again.
       It seems that our "free press" is fostering the idea that we are not able to flame our own Torches of Vigilance.   The constant attacks by the press on government are not solutions to teaching people how to light their Torches of Vigilance, but rather a reinforcement of their emasculation of power.  Every time the press is critical of government, there is an inference that if government becomes stronger, people will be safe.   Zeus will protect them. 
      Nothing could be farther from the truth.
      The more we allow government to dictate our security and safety, the more insecure and unsafe we become.   History is full of examples of people who abdicate the authority of self-government and self-protection over to the state.  Communism failed because its central system of management could not cope with the individual demands.   Government could not plug all the holes in the dyke.  Its power became powerless.
      The more we believe that toppling Hussein will rid the world of Terrorism, the deeper we sink into quagmire of Complacency.  The more we give up our rights to light to our Torches of Vigilance.

     However, the more we believe it is the duty and responsibility of each citizen to protect his or her family and community from Terrorism, the closer we come to Vigilance. 
      Zeus wanted to control power.  To maintain power, people must be emasculated--that is, their power must be stripped from them.  They must bow and pray to the higher order, and pay tribute to it for protection.  If they don't, they get no lightening bolts.
      American newspapers ignore the stripping of individual power and responsibility in the battle against Terrorism.   They focus their sights on the flaws of the FBI and CIA and Homeland Security as though these establishments of power had some control over Terrorism.  They suggest to the American public that when the "holes in the dyke are plugged, we'll be safe."
     Headlines don't shout:  "You Are In Charge Of Vigilance--Don't Be A Sheep--Don't Give Up Your Duty To Protect Your Children, & Their Children's Children's Children.   Become A Parent Of Vigilance Today!"
     Our current journalism sidesteps the issue of confronting Americans and the world on the personal duty of Vigilance versus the perpetuation of political Complacency.
     The more it attacks government for its "failure to secure and manage," the more it implicitly promotes that security for our nation and communities is government's job.   By calling for government to "do its job better," journalism automatically puts the lightening bolts in government's hands.  And we, the citizens of Zeus, go along.
      If journalism were the true protectors of Liberty and Justice, it would be calling not for government to rid Terrorism from the land, but for the people to do it by building up their sparks of personal Vigilance.  Only when the average citizen learns how to build more Courage than Fear, more Conviction than Intimidation, and more Right Actions than Complacency, will the Beast of Terror shrink from sight.
     Today, journalism feeds the Beast of Terror.   It feeds it by demanding government get more efficient at fighting the Beast, when the government cannot.
     Communism couldn't keep its promise to the people, and neither will any government that claims with "just a little more power, we'll make you safe."
     Terrorism lives in the communities of the world, in villages, towns, neighborhoods.   It doesn't have a shape or size one can put his or her arms around, for it is viral, amorphic in nature.  
     It seeds itself in child neglect.   Terrorism breeds when a parent doesn't take the time to know a child's Fears, Intimidations or Complacencies.  It spreads cancerously when a parent or loved one tells a child that he or she isn't loved or cared about, either through explicit or implicit acts.

TV's propaganda

     It multiplies when parents rail about the failure of government to protect us, or glue themselves to the television and inhale the noxious falsehoods vomited out of the mouths of Zeus's propagandists who wag fingers and tongues at governments, and never speak directly to the citizens about their duty, their obligation to stop Terrorism at the doorstep of their own homes.
     American journalism needs to take a lesson from Pravda and not try to appear so righteous.  As it stands today, it is not our protector, our Fourth Estate guarding us from government's power.   It is, instead, the waiter who feeds government's power by contending that government is the problem.
     Government is not the problem.
     Learning to light our Torches of Vigilance is the problem.
     I'll ask Walter Cronkite his take on the issue tomorrow tonight.
     And I'll be wary of his answer.  After all, he is a journalist, no matter what history says he is.
     To this, Mr. Cronkite might just reply:  "That's the way it is!"


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Bush prepares for attack on Iraq
Flagrant disregard for international law
The Bush administration is clearly preparing for an attack on Iraq, whether or not the UNMOVIC team find any WMD and irrespective of the fact that the Iraqis are following the conditions of Security Council Resolution 1441 or not. Convinced that the team would find scores of chemical and biological weapons, the tone of Washington’s declarations reaches the hysterical now that it becomes obvious that Saddam Hussein was telling the truth all along.
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Smallpox vaccination in USA, Canada, France and UK
Sudden decision to give millions of vaccinations based on what?
One day after the British authorities announced a mass vaccination programme against smallpox, the USA, France and Canada has confirmed plans to carry out a large-scale inoculation project against the same disease.
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Yugoslav President Irritated about the West
Slobodan Milosevic is not ever to be released
Yugoslavia President Voislav Kostunica said in the interview to the Belgrade newspaper Glas Javnosti that the cooperation was supposed to be of the bilateral character. Kostunica said that the West is supposed to show more understanding towards Yugoslavia than before
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Why Did the USSR Lose the Moon Race?
The Soviet Union was completely unprepared to beat the US in the space race
Americans landed on the Moon in 1969. The success of the Apollo program was not only a remarkable technical achievement. This achievement proved the political predominance of the United States of America. The Soviet leadership realized that fact perfectly. The USSR was the only country that did not air the live broadcast of the first ever moonwalk
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UNMOVIC Experts Knocking on Baghdad's Doors
Palaces, markets, and alcohol plants: UN inspectors searching for weapons of mass destruction
Americans are extremely furious about the fact that UNMOVIC experts haven’t yet discovered anything suspicious in Iraq. US President George W. Bush said that the course of the UNMOVIC inspections in Iraq wasn’t inspiring at all; he demanded that Baghdad present a complete and reliable list of armament programs, including weapons of mass destruction and plans for creation of ballistic missiles. George W. Bush spoke in the Pentagon and said that he was dissatisfied with how Hussein’s government observed the engagements to the United Nations. He added that the UNMOVIC experts came to Iraq “not to play hide-and-seek” with Saddam Hussein
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It's Coming! New Attacks on US Passenger Planes
American Senators appealed to George W. Bush to do everything possible to protect civilian planes from surface-to-air missiles. The new threat for the USA was first mentioned last week, after unidentified terrorists fired two surface-to-air missiles at an Israeli Boeing-757 taking off the airport of Mombasa, Kenya. Both missiles missed, narrowly, and the plane continued its flight with 261 passengers and ten crew members on board. Several minutes after the attack on the plane, Kenyan terrorists attacked a hotel belonging to Israelis; three Israelis and ten Kenyan citizens were killed in the attack. The USA believes that the attacks in Kenya were committed by a so-called Somali-Kenya group related to al-Qaeda, which has been in operation for ten years already More details...

Henry Kissinger Still Alive
Politics is a dirty game, yet it's a game worth playing
The current resident in the Oval Office now has rather odious advisers. Elliot Abrams, a former State Department official, was appointed Condoleezza Rice’s aide. Abrams was implicated in the Iran-Contras scandal in the 1980s. Now, Elliot Abrams is back and in charge of African and Middle Eastern issues
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Latvian National Bolshevik Seeks Asylum in Russia
Leader of the Latvian national Bolsheviks, Vladimir Linderman, asked President Vladimir Putin for political asylum in Russia
Vladimir Linderman said in an interview to Russia’s NTV television that he was not going to be naturalized in Russia; otherwise, he would be denied access to Latvia. Meanwhile, Abel is planning to assert the truth while being in Russia
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Who's Next After Iraq?
“If there is no actual threat to the interests of the USA and the West, they will never seriously consider Russia’s interests as well,” said famous Russian economist of Armenian origin Migranyan. This sounds like the only sound estimate given within the past twenty years More details...

Lula in Buenos Aires: "The future of Latin America Depends on Brazil and Argentina"
The elected president of Brazil arrived in Buenos Aires on Sunday evening on his first international trip after his victory in October elections.
During his Monday meeting with Argentine President Eduardo Duhalde in the official residence of Olivos, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva insisted on his aim to strengthen Mercosur towards the full integration of South America. He also expressed his complete solidarity with Argentina: "an extraordinary, neighbor, and brother country.”
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Belarus Ambassador Says He Didn't Ask US For Political Asylum
All information reported from Japan concerning former Belarus Ambassador to Japan, Pyotr Kravchenko, is still extremely contradictory.
A source in the Belarussian Foreign Ministry informs, Kravchenko didn’t officially report about his intention to get back to Belarus. The Foreign Ministry supposes that if the former ambassador to Japan gets back to Belarus, he is likely to be dismissed from the Foreign Ministry system
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Towards Closer Delhi-Moscow Ties
Russian President Vladimir Putin will arrive in Delhi on Tuesday to further push post-Yeltsin diplomacy to adjust to a world caught between the forces of globalization and terrorism. India and Russia are in the process of redefining their relations with each other and with the rest of the world, now rid of cold war, old antagonisms and nonaligned rhetoric. Pragmatism and self-interest have become the motors of international relations. They recognize neither friends nor foes. Countries have only interests, evident from the manner in which old ideological enemies are shedding fossilized mindsets to come to terms with daunting realities. The changes in China enabling it to negotiate globalization without abandoning its communist moorings indicate the beginning of a new order More details...

Advice to Investors in Russia: Be Patient!
Sakhalin Energy suspended in Sakhalin-2 project
PRAVDA.Ru has already reported on the complicated relations between the Russian authorities and foreign investors concerning the development of the Sakhalin-2 oil and gas project. Russian Duma deputies blamed the operator of the project, the Sakhalin Energy company, for violations of the terms of the Agreement on production division. In response, Sakhalin Energy went on a kind of a strike: the company declared that it was impossible to start the second stage of the project. And the intrigue around the Sakhalin shelf still continues and even becomes more complicated
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Black to Swallow Planet Earth
A monstrous black hole was discovered six thousand light years far from the Earth
Is there an absolute evil deed in the world? Is there the absolute evil, like the absolute zero of temperature – the symbol of death and stillness, when there is not even a small vestige of any movement? The absolute of perfect evil is a black hole. Any kind of disaster pales in comparison with a black hole. A black hole devours everything on its way in a blink of an eye
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Attack of the Clones to Start in December
The first human clone is expected to be born in 2003
According to information from France Presse, one of the women who is taking part in the human cloning project is to give birth to a clone at the end of the current year. The members of the mysterious organization Raelians already know that it will be a girl
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Nord Ost: the Battle Continues
Total sum of compensations claimed by former Nord-Ost hostages makes up 7.5 million dollars. And this is just the beginning.
Three people who have suffered as a result of the terrorist attack in the Moscow theater on October 23 claim compensation at the rate of 1 million dollars. This information was provided by an attorney of the Nord Ost victims, Igor Trunov. In his words, Larisa Frolova, a Moscow citizen whose son and daughter-in-law were killed as a result of the terrorist act in the Moscow theater, claims a 1 million dollar compensation. Now, the woman has to take care of her two grandchildren, who lost their parents
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List of Banned Islamic Books Compiled in Russia
A list of 95 banned books by Moslem authors has been compiled in Russia
The other day, the Coordinating council of the North Caucasus muftis, presided by Ingushetia Mufti Muhammad Albogachiyev, wrote an address to Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is a request to provide the government with “reliable information about Islam.” The leaders of the Moslem group say that “otherwise, the leadership, military structures, society will have to spend much more on security than is currently spent for the prevention of pseudo-religious extremism.” The Russian newspaper Vremya Novostei reports that the muftis suggest an initial measure: they say it would be reasonable to demonstrate David Lynch’s The Straight Story film, which about the popular English show-man Cat Stevens. Stevens adopted Islam in 1979, but at that, he resisted its extremist manifestations
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Afghanistan: Chaos as Warlords Fight
More instability in Western Afghanistan as government proves incapable of maintaining peace and order
Armed confrontation around the western city of Herat has caused 11 deaths as factions loyal to the governor, Ismail Khan, and the rival Pashtun warlord Amanullah Khan, clash.
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Venezuela: Opposition Mobilises
OAS initiative fails as Caracas accuses opposition of radicalism
The government of Venezuela has accused the opposition of radicalising the issues instead of discussing them, as an initiative by Cesar Gaviria, Secretary-General of the Organisation of American States, failed to prevent a general strike.
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AIDS: 4 Million at Risk in India
India and China show dramatic increases in the incidence of the disease
India has launched a public awareness campaign aimed at calling the attention of the population to the dangers posed by AIDS. As in other countries, AIDS is no longer restricted to drug users of male homosexuals in India, where new cases are more and more found in heterosexuals.
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Ericsson Keeps Its Secrets
Russian Foreign Ministry declares two Swedish diplomats persona non grata
The Russian government decided to declare two Swedish diplomats persona non grata. On December 2, Swedish ambassador to Moscow, Sven Hirdman, was invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Mr. Hirdman was informed of the decision by the Russian government to declare two employees of the Swedish embassy persona non grata. This decision was made in connection with activity that has caused damage to Russia’s national security interests
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Russia Counteracts NATO in Central Asia
Russia retakes airbase in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan insists on NATO presence
The redeployment of Russian battle planes began in the republic of Kyrgyzstan prior to the start of Vladimir Putin’s official visit there. The first group of two Su-25 jets and two Il-76 transport planes have already landed on the airbase in Kant. The airbase is located 15 kilometers far from the Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek
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Atlantis Under Antarctica?
After WW II, scientists started to pay close attention to the issue of a supposedly once-existing civilization in Antarctica. The hypothesis is confirmed by some medieval maps and research of paleogeologists and glaciologists.
In 1949, a combined British and Swedish expedition conducted intensive seismic measurements of the South Pole through the ice cap. According to the commander of 8th Technical Investigation Squadron of the US Armed Force Strategic Command, Colonel Harold Olmayer, “ the geographical details of the bottom part of the map (the shore of Antarctica) correspond with the results of the seismic measurements. We cannot correlate these data with the supposed level of geography in 1513.”
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Russia and China to Counterbalance American Supremacy
Vladimir Putin started his official visit to China
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Beijing started on December 1. On account of this fact, the attention of the Chinese media to Russia has increased considerably. There have appeared several publications covering the perspectives of joint economic cooperation
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Slovenian Elections
Kucan to be replaced by Drnovsek or Barbara Brezigar
One and a half million Slovenians go to the polling stations today in the second round of the country’s Presidential elections, which coincides with the local government elections.
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30 Dead in Bangladesh Stampede
Women and children crushed in city of Gaibandha as crowd stampedes
As a crowd of more than 10,000 people surged forward to receive free clothing at the Festival of Eid Al-Fitr in Gaibandha, women and children at the front were crushed.
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US Warplanes in Missile Attack on Iraqi Oil Refinery
8 dead and 20 injured, claim eye-witnesses
Residents in Basra, southern Iraq, claim that US warplanes launched two missiles at an oil refinery on Sunday, killing at least eight people and injuring “around 20”. The offices of the oil-for-food programme were destroyed.
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Arkhangelsk Doctors Treat with Death
New method of treatment makes a patient fly away
The notion of tanatotherapy is translated from Latin as treating with death (“tanatos” – death). The new method is based on the psychological influence on a human being. Doctors use special techniques to affect a person’s muscles in order to make a patient relax as much as possible
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When Is Akhmed Zakayev Delivered to Russia?
The controversy around the Chechen terrorist, who was arrested in Denmark, is still going on
Akhmed Zakayev, an international terrorist, will probably have to leave his neat Danish jail next week and move over to a less comfortable dwelling. The countdown will take a different form for Zakayev there
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