Article Overview:  What happens when a young woman gets the wrong heart and lungs transplanted in her body?   When she is Type O and the transplant is Type A, a war breaks out between the white cells and the intruding cells.   They become oil and water, and her life hangs by a thread.   America is acting as a heart surgeon in Iraq, ready to transplant democracy where tyranny exists by cutting out the leadership cancer of Saddam Hussein.  How parallel is the U.S. position toward Iraq to that of 17-year-old Jesica Santillan?   Find out why America is the "heart surgeon" willing to transplant the vital organs of Iraqi leadership.


Friday--February 21, 2003óGround Zero Plus 527
Terrorism's Attack On Heart Transplant Victim Sends Signal
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZERO, New York City, Feb. 21--As the world sits on the brink of a War Against Terrorism, a 17-year-old 80-pound Jesica Santillan clings to thin strands of life. Her immune system is rejecting a heart and lung transplant following a botched operation.  She's fighting her own war against Terrorist Cells.  Her battle is not unlike the one America is dancing with over Iraq.
       Doctors at Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C., mistakenly placed a heart and lungs in Jesica Santillan's body that were of an incompatible blood type.   The teenaged illegal immigrant--whose family slipped across the U.S. border from Guadalajara, Mexico in a last desperate attempt to gain access to high-quality American medical technology and expertise--has been given less than a slim chance of surviving.  Cell Terrorism is winning.

Jesica and mom after first surgery

      The human body is constructed as an anti-Terrorist fortress.  Its immune system is on constant Vigilant Guard to attack Terrorist cells seeking to invade its domain.   When the immune system is weakened by confusion or Complacency, Terrorists gain control.    Complacency is the cause of Jesica's problem.
       Ms. Santillan's blood type is "O."  The heart and lungs transplanted into her body on February 7 came from a donor with Type A blood.   The mixture is like parachuting a battalion of Iraqi Royal Guards onto the front lawn of the White House.
        A full-scale war is underfoot inside Ms. Santillan's body between Type A and Type O blood cells.  Deadly antitoxins are being created as the Type O cells battle the foreign invaders, the antibodies of Type A.   Her body is a precursor of the devastation that might be unleashed by Saddam Hussein when and if the U.S. attacks Baghdad and Mr. Hussein releases the biochemical weapons some say he has ringed around the city for a last ditch attempt to protect his tyrannical leadership of more than 23 years.
      Pessimism, not unlike that issued by France, Germany and Russia against U.S. forces invading Iraq, reigns among doctors regarding the survival odds of Ms. Santillan.   The New York Times reported today that a "monster immunological attack on the mismatched organs" is currently sapping Ms. Santillan's chances of pulling through.
      If she survives the initial rigors of surgery, her chances of serious long-term medical problems from infection and immunological disorders are about 80 percent, said Dr. Mehmet Oz, a heart surgeon at New York Presbyterian-Columbia Medical Center in Manhattan.  Duke University doctors involved in the operation are much more optimistic.  They give her a 50-50 chance.
      Ms. Santillan's parents came to Raleigh-Durham from Mexico and stood on street corners with tin cans to collect funds for the operation.  They held signs that shouted:  "Save Jesica!"
      A local home builder, Mack Mahoney, took up the "Save Jesica" standard and helped raise the funds necessary for the operation.  Mahoney  founded the Jesica's Hope Chest, Inc., a foundation for critically ill children  Lung transplant procedure is still considered cutting edge--only 27 such operations were conducted in 2001. 

 From Jesica's Hope Chest site before and after her first operation

     A second donor was found this time having matching matching blood types and Jesica was operated on a second time.  However,  it is speculated the weakened state of Ms. Santillan's body to ward off the Type A cells from the previous operations will make the odds of a successful second transplant as slim as one percent.
       Ms. Santillan's plight underscores the fact that Terrorism takes many forms.   The immune system is just one of the many battlegrounds for the Beast of Terror.
        So often we think of Terrorism only in terms of "enemies" such as Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden,  the Palestinian suicide bombers, or the impending threats of North Korea's Kim Jong Il.
        We forget that nature pits Terrorism and Vigilance against one another on a daily basis, and its most clear evidence is the human immune system's reaction to "foreign invasions."
        A cut, scratch or infection upon one's body is met by Sentinels of Vigilance--white cells that act as Shields and Swords of Vigilance driving off the Beast of Terror--infection.   These healthy Guardians of Vigilance surround the "foreign" cell and obliterate it whenever possible.
       The immune system literally  guards against "weapons of mass destruction" (WMDs) that threaten the security of a person's immune system.  These WMDs come in the form of bacteria.

What do white blood cells look like?

White Cells Of Vigilance

Whenever a germ or infection enters the body, the white blood cells snap to attention and race toward the scene of the crime. The white blood cells are continually on the lookout for signs of disease. When a germ does appear, the white blood cells have a variety of ways by which they can attack. Some will produce protective antibodies that will overpower the germ. Others will surround and devour the bacteria.

The white blood cells have a rather short life cycle, living from a few days to a few weeks. A drop of blood can contain anywhere from 7 000 to 25 000 white blood cells at a time. If an invading infection fights back and persists, that number will significantly increase.

A consistently high number of white blood cells is a symptom of Leukemia, a cancer of the blood. A Leukemia patient may have as many as 50 000 white blood cells in a single drop of blood.

      Our white cells are designed to metaphorically have at least One Percent more Courage, Conviction and take at least One Percent more Right Actions necessary for our systems to survive the onslaught of disease and infection.  The Vigilant White Cells protect us from disease and infection so we can propagate and extend life to our Children's Children's Children.
        But when the immune system is weakened,  Terrorist Cells gain the upper hand.   They overpower the Vigilant Cells--with One Percent more Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.  White cells are engineered to drive out the Terrorist "infection," just as America is poised to do in Iraq, or did in Germany, Paris and Japan in World War II, or Korea following that, or attempted to do in Vietnam..  If the white cells lose the battle, physical Terror rules.  Often, death results.
      The common cold is a minor example of a Terrorist attack upon the body.  The HIV-virus is an extreme example of a frontal suicide assault on the immune system.  It renders the immune system helpless as WMD--Terrorist Cells--rape, pillage and plunder the body's defenses. 
     Our world is like the human body in respect to the White Cells of Vigilance.   Nations are designed as a community of white cells, each individual in its own way, yet collectively bound to one another to defend the intrusion or threat of Terrorist Cells.  
       Cell unity is based on the natural desire of  the "human collective body" to protect its self from crippling effects brought upon it by Terrorist Cell States.  Cells form the United Nations of Cell Vigilance when they are threatened, but otherwise live a normal quiet life of "doing their thing" separate from other cells.  They truly are "one out of many," sovereign yet collective in one respect--they instinctively know they must fight Terror Cells as a unit.  They know one cancer cell, for example, can grow suddenly and eat them to death, and thusly Terror Cells must be attacked and destroyed before they can spread and infect the whole.
       In a similar way, Terrorism is bent on driving Courage away with the Forces of Fear in the human psyche.  It seeks to stomp one's Convictions into the earth by the Power of Intimidation, and to ultimately turn the ability of Right Actions in behalf of the Children's Children's Children (future generations) into a state of fatigue and Complacency where we throw up our arms and stop fighting it, or, in the case of the United Nations Security Council, where we either drag our feet or are asked to ignore the problem until it has metastasized into a giant Class V tumor that bursts through into the main body.  Instead of cutting out the Terrorism, the U.N. wants to homeopathically cure the ill with herbs and chants.
       Recently, millions of people around the world protested America's position on Iraq, calling for a stop to U.S. aggression against Saddam Hussein.  The protestors cried for the world's immune system to stop threatening the Terrorism Cells alleged to be breeding inside Iraq's borders.  They railed on the White Cells to turn away from the cancer and "let it be."  They said there was no "smoking gun," that the tumor hadn't grown large enough yet to demand an operation.

Iraq - a carcinogen of Humanity

        Some argue that America and Britain have no right to be the leading "White Cells of Vigilance."     They insist the Terrorism Cells of Iraq must be further diagnosed.   They ignore the evidence that Saddam Hussein's attempts to hide or disguise his programs of building WMDs is a sign that Iraq is a Cancer Nation that needs immediate "Terrorist Medical Surgery."  They ignore the nation's "Terrorist Medical History"  including the gassing of thousands of innocent Kurds, brutal Terrorism of its citizens, avowed position as the aggressor of the Middle East who wants to rule a unified Arab Nation and decry America's diagnosis that Iraqi leadership is  "Carcinogenic to Humanity."
        The Doctors of Vigilance--America and Britain--want to transplant Iraq's heart.  They want to cut out the Terrorism Cancer and replace it with a more Vigilant organ, one that beats with Freedom rather than Oppression, that offers more Democracy  than Tyranny.

Doctor Blair and Doctor Bush, Doctors of Vigilance

      Critics argue that transplanting Iraq's heart will set a precedent of "political surgery" on other nations such as North Korea.   They fear that America will become the great "heart surgeon" of the world, commanding the right to transplant any nation's vital political, social and moral organs that don't conform to those of the West.  Two of the loudest Voices condemning this approach include France and Germany.
        Their solution is to wait until the disease spreads and becomes an imminent threat not just to the citizens of the "national body," but to the appendages surrounding it.   France, Germany, Russia and China--Security Council heavyweights with veto power--would prefer to quash the U.S. surgical teams poised to invade Iraq and try to talk the Terrorist Cells into leaving the body of Iraq, or, into capitulating to the will of the United Nations by allowing weapons inspectors full, free "search and destroy" missions.  They forget that cancer breeds at an inversely proportional rate to Vigilance, and can explosively ignite at the strike of a match for it is driven by circumstance rather than strategy, and fueled by emotion rather than reason.
         The reluctance of the Security Council to act in unison against Iraq is not unlike the doctors at Duke University whose staff  didn't correctly check the blood type for the organ transplant.   Their Complacency to cut out the "Cancer of Terrorism" symbolizes the slovenliness the world offers Terrorism. 
         Terrorism is not about a nation's right to live by its own standards alone.  If that were the case, the human body wouldn't send White Cells racing to fight and die against any intruder that threatened the body.  The human body would wait until it had sores all over before it reacted, but it doesn't.  It attacks the WMD on first sight, giving them little time to gain a foothold in the body.  Only when Complacency settles in do the Terrorist Cells rise up and explode.
         Like humans cells, each nation is a unique world unto its self.  Each contains the DNA blueprints of the entire body, and a single cell can be taken and cloned, and a whole new body formed from just one of them.  However, each independent cell is dependent on all other cells.   Within the human body, all cells act in concert with one another despite their unique and individualistic nature.  Each cell has a duty to all others to protect themselves from the invasion of foreign Terrorists.  They are forced into this duty by the nature of survival, for if they don't all fight as one, then life as we know it is destroyed.   The Children's Children's Children are robbed of their future by the negligence of the present.
        Unless all the cells rally forces against the "evil cells," the body weakens and death results.   The more cells that oppose fighting the Terroristic cells, the greater the odds of the "evil cells" will prosper and disperse toxins that destroy the "good cells."
        Terrorism is not just a disease limited by borders.  It is a highly exportable. It is like a cancer cell hiding in the blood stream.  It can move from organ to another and take host there in a blink.  September 11 proved the ability of Terrorism to worm its way into the vulnerable organs of healthy nations.  The Terrorist attack on the Russian Cultural Center verified that America was not the only target of Terrorism's carcinogenic nature.   Around the world, Terrorism has been and will be a cutting edge sword used by those who seek to dominate the many with insidious Fear, insidious Intimidation and insidious Complacency.  Whether those attacks are in Bali or a subway in Tokyo, the world is a host upon which Terrorism can feed.  A few Terror Cells can enflame a whole body and render that body virtually helpless overnight.  Just ask Ms. Santillan.

Institution of Complacency

     In their haste to rid her of Terrorism, the doctors fell victim to Complacency.   They assumed the heart and lungs they were to transplant were of the same blood type.  They didn't err on the side of caution, they simply overlooked the problem.   Those who think Iraqi leadership is of the same blood type as the civilized world, and will follow the edicts of the United Nations Security Council are as blind as the doctors who transplanted the wrong heart and lungs in Ms. Santillan.
       History will eventually scribe in its pages that America stood as a White Cell in the battle of Terrorism's attempt to protect the world's immune system.    It will record the boldness of a nation to stand up against the flack of other nations more concerned with their own welfare than in setting an example for the world.
         Terrorists in every far corner of the earth are watching to see how Complacent the world really is.  If America backs down, it only fuels the passion of other Terrorism Cells waiting around the world to hunt down and destroy as many White Cells as it can with immunity in those nations that clamor for America to reign in its Steed of Vigilance.
        Ms. Santillan is much more than a symbol of a young woman struggling for her life in the face of a gross medical error.   She is a signpost of Vigilance, a symbol of the great attempt of virtuous people to protect her, to give her life in the face of death.

Jesica Santillan is a signpost of Vigilance

       America is rushing into a war with Iraq, that cannot be denied.  But is it rushing to the battle because it sees the danger of a growing cancer or because it wants to conquer Iraq?   America has no history of conquering any nation except Terrorism.   America's sole purpose is to replace the heart and lungs of Iraqi leadership with Type O organs, ones that will fit the rest of the world and not try to destroy others.
            Those nations who refuse to support the transplanting of Iraq's Terrorist heart and lungs will be like those who neglected to quadruple check the blood type on Ms. Santillan. 
           They will become Terrorist Feeders, and when Terrorism comes to feed on them, perhaps then they'll scream for America's "White Cell Vigilance" support instead of castigating its "Terrorism Transplant Policy."



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