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Sunday-- April 21, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 222

Vigilant "Earth Day!"
Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

        GROUND ZERO, New York City, April 21-- Today is Earth Day.  It is a day for the "environmentalist's" use to protest.  
        But I believe there is a more important day we should celebrate--Vigilance Day!
        The great ecology of human existence is the heart of a child, not the soil upon which the child walks.
        The rich loam of a child's soul is far more precious to me than a tree, or the air, or the water or a bird or the most endangered species of the animal kingdom.  
        Where is the clamor for Vigilance Day?  Where are the drums banging to drive out the pollution of Terrorism from the ecology of a child's emotional forest?
        I often wonder about mankind and womankind's priorities.
        Earth Day was launched in 1970 as a national holiday by Senator Gaylord Nelson.  As its benchmark, it uses the vernal equinox to launch it--that time when the sun crosses the equator making night and day of equal length in all parts of the world, 12 hours of day, 12 hours of night.
        In a sense, we all become one at that moment.
        All differences evaporate.
        We are married into one family, for time literally stands still for a minute fraction of eternity.

       We shed all barriers between us because the world is in utter harmony according to the great Existence Clock's hands which all point straight up simultaneously.
        That moment is less than a blink of an eye or a heartbeat, or the dropping of a grain of sand in an hourglass.   It is so minute we don't even know it happened unless we study the stars and aim powerful astrophysical instruments to measure the exact moment of the equinox.   The time when Time stands still.
         But instead of looking into the hearts of life itself--the Terrorized souls of the children on earth--we look at trees.  We look at fish.  We look at flowers.   We dance in the street wearing green.  We demonstrate against polluters of the soil, but not those of the soul.
          Children are the seeds of human kindness, or, of its Terror.
          The shaping of a child's belief systems is far more important to me than whether the emission of an automobile gasps too much carbon dioxide.
          Oh, don't get me wrong.   I am a firm believer in respecting the balance between humans and our earth and all its resources.  But I don't believe fighting the pollution of the earth should come before battling  the forces imposing Terrorism on a child.
          Like a garden, a child's mind can be choked by weeds of Fear, rocks of Intimidation, and the pollution of Complacency.
         Careless gardeners can trample the child's dreams, his or her hopes through abuse, neglect and selfish inconsideration.  Instead of nurturing a beautiful flower that yearns to blossom, many children sprout up with twisted roots, and gnarled leaves, coughing out toxins that grow into hatreds and violence both to themselves and others.
          A Terrorist is nothing more than a child of neglect.
          I believe we should prosecute the parents of such a child along with its grandparents as equals in the responsibility for the crime committed.
          It isn't just Osama bin Laden that should be on trial throughout the world press and military tribunals, but also those who trained him to become what he is--those who planted the seeds of hate, or neglected to pull out the weeds of Terror before their roots took hold of his soul.
         One cannot grow up to become a cold blooded killer without having such a persona be fertilized by those who were in charge of his upbringing.   A garden of weeds is the result of the gardener's neglect, it is not the fault of the garden.
         When the world cries:  "How could someone do such a thing?" they should be really asking, "How could a parent raise a child to do such a thing?"
         The child molesters, the killers, the wife beaters, the negligent parents who let their children run amok, are all liable for the pollution of their children.  Society cannot allow the Gardeners of a Child to be absolved from his or her actions on the grounds the child, who may have grown into an adult, did such an act on his or her own.
        Love of life begins at home.
        If one is taught to love life as a child, to respect himself or herself and others, then it becomes virtually impossible for one to turn against oneself and others later in life.   Not that that isn't possible--anything is possible in an imperfect world--but the justification for any Terrorist action against another human being or creature, or the earth itself, must come back to haunt the parents, the grandparents, the guardians of the child's Emotional and Physical garden.
        Earth Day promotes stopping violence to the earth.   It rings a bell of warning about the imbalance between man and nature, yet ignores the true problem--that Terrorists of the Earth are nothing more than children acting out their Terrorism in the guise of an adult.
       These are children whose weeds of Terror were not plucked by Gardeners of Vigilance.   Had the parents and grandparents and guardians of such children become Parents of Vigilance fighting constantly to keep the weeds of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency from polluting the growth of the child's respect for himself and the world, then such a child would grow into a selfish promoter of violence and neglect for himself or herself and the world at large.
          To do this a Parent of Vigilance must fight Fear with Courage, and Intimidation with Conviction and Complacency with Action.  Unfortunately, too many parents believe a child should be his or her own gardener.  They leave the child to make up his or her own rules because the parents are "too busy" struggling to survive, or, too driven by their own selfish desires to make their garden flourish that they haven't time to nurture their children's.
      Some take it upon themselves to destroy a child's garden by telling the child:  "I wish you'd never been born."  Or, "if you weren't so stupid."  Or, "can't you just leave me alone, can't you see I'm busy."
      Careless as well as intentional acts of disconcert and disrespect for the growth of a child's personality and its respect for itself drives many children into caves of Terror where they feel "less than," or "not as good as," or believe "they have a right to be selfish as their parents had that right when they neglected their needs."
       I am not impressed with Earth Day.
       To me, extolling the virtues of protecting the planet from pollution is an afterthought, not an act of Vigilance.
       Forethought involves teaching a child to love himself or herself, and to respect all those things around him or her as gifts, to be used wisely.  But to do that, the Gardeners of Vigilance must take the responsibility to first become Parents of Vigilance.
       They must vow to themselves to make their children the strongest, healthiest seeds possible, and to plant those seeds in the richest soil a human being can enjoy--the soil of love and caring and respect. 
       From such seeds sprouts Gardeners of Vigilance, not polluters of Terrorism.


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