Article Overview:   Why do the youth of America feel the U.S. military is the most credible arm of government?  Why do they support the U.S. military while many of their parents decry it?  Find out why American Youth are Sentinels of U.S. Military Vigilance.


Tuesday--May 27, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 622
American Youth Support U.S. Military Sentinels of Vigilance
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

  GROUND ZER0, New York, New York--May 27, 2003--Many of their parents were Vietnam War protestors--snarling and demeaning U.S. military force as "evil" and "corrupt."  But their children and grandchildren are taking an opposite tact--holding up the military as a Sentinel of Vigilance and offering it more trust than organizations such as the church, government, and business.
       Professor David C. King of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, reported in August 2000 that confidence in American military leaders rose from 27% in 1971 to 43% in 1999.   But the surprising fact was that two-thirds of those born after 1978 said they had a great deal of confidence in the U.S. military.

American Youth support the U.S. Military

       In an article today by Robin Toner in the New York Times, the reporter stated the percentage of Americans who expressed a "great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in people who ran organized religion fell to 45 percent from 68.   Congressional confidence declined to 29 percent from 40, according to the Gallup Poll.   But, in a similar trend as noted by Professor King of Harvard, Americans expressing a great deal or lot of confidence in the military in 2002 rose to 27 percent from 58 in 1975.
       According to a poll by the Harvard Institute of Politics of 1,200 college undergraduates last month revealed that 75 percent said they trusted the military to "do the right thing" either "all of the time" or "most of the time."   Two-thirds said they supported the Iraq war.
       Professor King says part of the positive attitude toward the military is the result of the 1991 Gulf War and the swift victory both in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He also suggests that military role models such as the television show JAG and Major Dad helps give a positive image to an institution often considered bloodthirsty by Vietnam-era parents.
       National protection and concern for nations to stop Terrorism in its tracks, the result of the Nine Eleven attack on America, have fueled the positive attitude toward the military, King suggests.

Pro-military students from Maryland

       I see the shift toward a positive support of U.S. military among our youth from another perspective.
       From my viewpoint, I look at the youth's attitude as recognizing the need for Sentinels of Vigilance, men and women willing to face the Beast of Terror and fight it, not just for the blood letting, but to insure the world is safer for the future.
       Since 1974, the U.S. military has been an all-volunteer force.   The young people who enlist in the service are choosing to commit their lives in defense of freedom.   Even though many may wish to attack the word "freedom" on the grounds that it is more philosophical than fact, such critics may find themselves more bigoted and prejudiced than their younger counterparts.
       The internet has opened the world to the youth.
       Talking to other young people around the world helps a young person realize the benefits of America, and the freedoms we enjoy versus those in other lands who are deprived the similar rights we enjoy.
        Plus, there is an intuition among the youth regarding the protection of the future.   Nations such as North Korea or Iraq, or any nation which harbors Terrorism or is considered a rogue nation capable of attacking others with disregard to the safety of the children, and the Children's Children's Children, become an "enemy of all."
        In a sense, the youth have become Sentinels of Vigilance.  They know that Fear, Intimidation and Complacency can take many forms.   Their parents, some of whom are protestors, represent to them a state of Complacency.  By no action, the world is open to the Beast of Terror.  Protesting against America's military strips the land of its power and might to ward off evil, and to serve as a policeman of a world desperate for someone to stand up to the Beast.

Terrorism threatens all children

       I believe the youth recognize the need for a Parent of National Vigilance to stand up to the Bully of Terrorism.
       In this case, it is Terrorism.
       Terrorism threatens all children.
       The young people, I believe, realize that a world without Courage, Conviction and Right Actions in behalf of the Children's Children's Children leaves it naked, vulnerable, unprotected for those who seek to rule it with Terror.
       That's why I believe the polls reflect a Youth of Vigilance Corps--a nucleus of young people who shun their parents' prejudices against the military, and accept the need for a world force, comprising youth, willing to defend the rest of the world from threats that rob them of their freedom.

The Youth of Vigilance Corps help protect the world for their Children's Children's Children

        As an older person, I can take a page from the young people's book.
        I can take the Pledge of Youthful Vigilance.
        So can you.

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