Article Overview:   The Terminator is on his way to change the face of politics in California.  Can Arnold Schwarzenegger stand as tall in politics as he does on the big screen?  Will he become the nation's leading Sentinel of Vigilance, driving Terrorism to the caves where it belongs?  Find out.


Friday--August 8, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 695
Terminator Tackles Beast of Political Terror--Is The World Next On His Agenda?
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

  GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Aug. 8, 2003--  The Terminator has thrown his shield and sword into the ring, vowing to fight the Beast of Political Terror in the state of California.  Perhaps the world is next on his list.
    California, with a population exceeding 30 million, is larger than most nations.   It is bigger than Iraq, and chases Great Britain in size.
     It is an economic powerhouse, producing more wealth than the vast majority of nations on earth, but, it is in trouble.  The current leadership is being recalled by popular vote, and a new slate of candidates is lining up to replace Governor Gray Davis as the CEO of America's most populous state.

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he was running for Governor of California on the Jay Leno show

    One of the most well-known contenders for the "King of California" is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the muscular, granite-Voiced actor with an accent who hunts down Terrorism in films and always wins.  If elected, the moderate Republican has vowed to "kick political butt" and get California back in the red.  
     There is little doubt that Schwarzenegger (we'll call him Arnold) is a celluloid Terror Hunter.   On film, he has tackled a wide variety of Beasts of Terror, from the evil lord in Conan, to the corporate beasts on Mars in Total Recall.  In Kindergarten Cop he protected a teacher and her class from the "bad guys," and, for the most part, serves as the official global "Terminator" of evil forces that threaten the future of society.
       Whether he's playing the "nice guy" action hero or the "bad guy" Terminator, he's a force to be reckoned with from both a political as well as a public point of view.
      He's got something few politicians crave--existing fame and fortunes.   His purpose for running for office is not driven by a thirst for power or fame, for by entering the political ring, he puts his current status as a superstar in jeopardy.    Politics is a step down, not up, for a guy like Arnold.
       Why then would a man of his stature in films, enjoying a virtual flawless image with the public, wade into a quagmire of political waste such as is the situation in California where deficits bleed the state like bullet holes riddling a body in a futile attack on Arnold in one of his action-hero movies?
       The odds are against Arnold, for the job he has is a clean-up-the-mess task, not one lined with roses or garlands of lilies.
       What if he just has had enough?
       What if he is simply tired of watching politics waste the people's money and disappoint the voters with false promises and mismanagement?
       There is certainly no box-office glitz attached to the job, for the bookies will be hard-pressed to give any favorable odds to Arnold righting the sinking California ship and riding off into the sunset to the cheers of millions who are used to the action hero always winning in the end.

Arnold  says "hasta la vista baby" to  California Governor Gray Davis

  California could Terminate the Terminator--at least, prove to the world that as a mortal Arnold is vulnerable, with defects, and not Mr. Magic as he is on the big screen.
         But, there's another side to the coin.
         What if Arnold is not a Terminator, but instead a Terror-Hunter?
         What if he is a true Sentinel of Vigilance, willing to butt his Courage against his Fear, his Conviction against his Intimidation, and to take Right Actions for future generations rather than fall Complacent to political gobbledygook?
          It is very possible that Arnold will be as tough off-screen as he is on-screen when it comes to ferreting out the waste and ineptitude of politics currently strangling California, and, for that matter, choking the entire political system in America whether it be Republican or Democrat.

Schwarzenegger's path was paved by Ronald Reagan who helped end Communism and the Cold War

        The path has been paved for his leadership.  Ronald Regan was Governor of California before becoming CEO of America as one of its most respected leaders by a world threatened by nuclear Terrorism.   His administration helped crumble the Berlin Wall and called an end to Communism and the Cold War.
         Like Arnold, Regan was an actor, but certainly didn't have the superstardom.   He proved the ability to force Terrorism against the wall, not unlike the roles he played as the strong American seeking to defeat the "evil forces" that littered his B-Grade movies.
         Then there is Jessie Ventura, the Governor of Minnesota.  Despite critics who shot arrows at his past as a wrestler, Ventura has proven himself an able combatant in the political ring.
          But Arnold may well stand in a class of his own. 
          America is hungry for Vigilant Leadership.   Its citizens have backed the attacks on Terrorism despite their party affiliation.  It would be easy for citizens of America to run to the political sidelines and chide President Bush for his actions against Saddam Hussein, but there is a deep understanding, perhaps intuition, that someone has to make a stand against Terrorism and stop mealy-mouthing the issue.
          This is where Arnold has his great potential.
          If there ever was the image of a Terror-Hunter, it is Arnold.   A naturalized citizen, Arnold hails from Europe.  He came to America to "make his fortune," and well he did, many times over.  He lives the American dream, coming  to America as an Austrian immigrant, earning an MBA, marrying into a prestigious family and becoming a movie star.
          His wife, Maria Shriver, is connected to one of the most powerful political families in the world, the Kennedy's, and Arnold has survived in a world of both high finance and political undercurrents even though his main forte has been acting.
          One needs only look at his square jaw and the determination in his eyes to realize that whomever stands in Arnold's way to getting the job done of repairing the leaks in California's dikes best stand aside, for there is no question the Terminator will come at them with a full body block.

At the time, Arnold was the youngest reigning Mr. Universe  and will be a formidable adversary for the Beast of Terror

      They say the most dangerous person on earth is one with nothing to lose and everything to gain, and that formula certainly applies to Arnold.   He is a muscle man, and has them not only in his body but also in his mind.  Tackling him will be a problem for the Beast of Political Terror.
         But so will the Beast of Terror himself find Arnold a formidable foe.  As a European-American (from Thal, Austria), Arnold will bring a strong Voice to healing the wounds between the U.S. and Europe.  Even though he can never become President because he wasn't born in America, his Voice can ring loudly across the seas on the issue of Terrorism, and his power as the leader of a leading state in America carries with it a clout the world will be forced to listen to.
          There is little doubt in my mind that Arnold is not taking the job of running for Governor of California just to stop the fiscal bleeding and bring the state on a course of prosperity.  
           I believe he will use the platform to issue a supportive warning to Terrorism of all shapes and sizes, that transcends politics.
          Arnold is an average guy to the world.   He is not a politician, but instead a man of both moral and Vigilant conviction.   He will stand as a Symbol of Vigilance, a great Sentinel of Vigilance, issuing out both challenges and consequences to those who try to attack the sanctuary of the children.  

I am voting for Arnold as a symbol of Vigilance

       He will be strong in support of the youth of America and the world, clenching his fist against child abuse as strongly as he does a wasted expenditure.  He will rail against those who would try to fatten their pockets with pork at the expense of the underprivileged, for he came up from the streets, working rather than sucking at the teat of power.
          His image will shine.   People will see Arnold as a Soldier of Vigilance, fighting not just for the present or glory, but for the true value of the Children's Children's Children's right to be free from Fear, Intimidation and Complacency that poverty and lack of parenting inflicts upon the innocent.
           I am voting for Arnold as a symbol of Vigilance.  He will be a great asset to America and the world as Governor.  I just hope and pray the citizens of California also see him as I do and cast a vote for him and Vigilance.


Aug 7--When The Beast Of Terror Stalks Our Children

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