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What Is The Triad Of Terrorism?

Terrorism has two sides--the physical and emotional.

Commonly, we think of Terrorism as some mad person or group setting a bomb to blow up innocent people, or flying airplanes into the World Trade Center, or holding a sword over the heads of bound prisoners and threatening to decapitate them.

But Terrorism has a much more nefarious nature.

It's true purpose isn't to "kill" or "maim," but to paralyze and render impotent a person, group or society into a state of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

The Triad Of Terrorism

In a nutshell, Terrorism is a bully. It's like the mean kid who threatens all the other kids on the block to kowtow to him or he'll "beat them up."

Inside each human being exists two forces--the Fear of being hurt and the resolve to stand up for what is right.

These two forces often come into conflict, especially when one doesn't have the size or power to match the threat.

Emotionally, we all suffer varying degrees of "Terror Thoughts." Some have deep roots going back to the moments when we were children and we were sure there was a "monster" under the bed, or, that it was lurking in the closet and waiting to "snatch" us.

Some "Terror Thoughts" are more perverse than simple childish Fear-Of-The-Dark. These may have formed when we heard our parents fighting, or, when we witnessed the abuse of someone we loved, or, worse, if we were abused by someone who had power over us.

Such abuse runs a long gauntlet, from sexual to physical to vicious tongue-lashings where we might have been told we "weren't good enough," or that our parents "wished we weren't born," or, that it's sad "we're not as smart as."

Inside, the soft innocence of our childish souls were rammed with the brass knuckles of such comments, bruising our self-images and perhaps driving us into a deep shell where we retreated to avoid being "attacked."

We might have wanted to have our parents hug us and ask us all about our day and dreams only to have them brush us aside and tell us: "Don't bother me, I'm too busy. Go watch television."

The human soul of the self is fragile, not unlike a rose petal where too much pressure mars it, wilts its beauty.

As our emotions evolve into adulthood, the pain and anguish of our childhood Terrorisms do not leave us. They sink down deep into our chemistry and when a teacher or a boss barks at us, we flinch or cower or feel we are "less than," or "not as good as," or not as "worthy as" others.

If we allow the Bully Terrorist inside us to roam freely, we end up becoming either a doormat and consider ourselves a nail and the world a hammer, or, we become a bellicose, angry, sarcastic reflection of a person not unlike our abuser. In other words, some of us may become the Bully Terrorist to others like those who bullied us.

A good way to identify your "Bully Beast Of Personal Terror" is to do an honest "Fear," "Intimidation" and "Complacency" inventory. List under each category those things you felt "Fear," "Intimidation" and "Complacency" about as a child, a teenager, adult, parent, employee, boss, wife, husband, lover, friend, etc. You can break these three "Triads of Terrorism" into as many sub categories as possible to simply identify they varieties of "Emotional Terrorisms" you have experienced in life.

One of my favorite is being skinny. As a kid, people called me "Spider Legs" and "Slim" and a host of other labels that made me feel less than. Another is my nose. I thought it was huge and would stand in front of the mirror, turn sideways, hold a hand mirror in my hand, and examine how long my nose was and how my upper lip hung over my lower lip.

By the time I was through beating up myself, I was ugly. I'm not. Lots of people think I'm handsome. Today, I'm quite a large, strong man, but underneath what looks like a linebacker is a skinny kid with a long nose and overhanging upper lip.

Another example is business. I rose quickly in the corporate world to command a huge power turf as senior vice president of one of the world's largest companies in its field. Still, I felt insecure and inept inside, and my Beast of Terror told me that one day everyone would discover I was a fraud and a fake. I would stand on the toilet seats in bathrooms listening to what I thought people were saying about me.

I submit that anyone who shuns their Triads of Terrorism makes the same mistake a soldier does when walking through a mine field without first checking out where one is. He or she will ultimately step on one and be shocked when a foot or leg or arm blows off.

Vigilance balances the Beast of Personal Terror.

The Principles of Vigilance--Courage, Conviction and Right Actions for the Children's Children's Children--neutralizes the power of the "bully."

That's essentially what this website is all about.

As you move through the stories and articles, and study the grist of this site, you will learn how to overpower your own Triad of Terrorism, and, more importantly, learn how to pass the power of Vigilance on to your loved ones, your children, those you care about the most.

As a result, you'll learn to live in the NOW! You'll be able to walk through life with your head held high and proud.

Enjoy this site.

Learn from it as we learn each day we write about Vigilance.

Your best tool to keep your "demons" in check is to become a Sentinel of Vigilance. You can do that by taking the Pledge of Vigilance.

Below is a link to a printable version. Take the Pledge.

Live by the Principles of Vigilance.

Enjoy life free from the shadow of our own "Internal Terrorism."

Vigilantly Yours,

Cliff McKenzie, editor


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