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Wednesday-- April 24, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 225

The Saturn-Pluto Enigma, Or...
"Oh, Little Town Of Bethlehem...
Your Snipers Shoot To Kill ..."

Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

        GROUND ZERO, New York City, April 24-- The enigma of Saturn and Pluto coming into alignment is evident in Bethlehem, at the Vatican, and in the streets of Brooklyn.  Perhaps it is everywhere.
        At the Nativity Church in Bethlehem, Israeli snipers wait for anyone to leave the alleged birthplace of Jesus where they have Palestinian enemies trapped in its sanctuary.  If the foes run or have weapons they are shot.
        In another sector, the aging, frail Pope sits bent over, hands and legs shaking from a diseased 81-year-old body, gathering around him a flock of Cardinals from America whose conduct in sweeping issues under the rug about the sexual Terrorizing of children has tainted the Church and produced a pall that may take forever to cleanse.
       And, here in New York City's Brooklyn, a rash of murders have gripped the headlines, reminding people that Terrorism is but a knifepoint away on a dark street.
       In California a commuter train is rammed by a freight train, spewing twisted metal and human beings on the screen of every television set with National Transportation Safety officials scratching their heads telling the cameras they don't know why two trains were on the same track at the same time.
      In a peculiar way, it may all have something to do with the alignment of Saturn and Pluto.
        A few weeks ago my wife and I went to a lecture at New York City's Theosophical Society at 240 East 53rd Street.  Founded in 1842, the Society explores all aspects of religion and spirituality.   At this meeting, Time Out, New York's magazine of local events, billed the talk as "Rebuilding Your Inner Towers."
       We had been to many lectures and symposiums ranging from our highest national leaders in charge of Home Security, to actors like Alan Alda giving his take on the impact of Nine Eleven.   Astrology, we agreed, would be another angle+ on the impact of Terrorism, however fringe such a viewpoint might be.  Neither my wife nor I have any knowledge on the subject of astrology except that we have gleaned from  reading our horoscopes and generally laughing at the information.
        However, of all the lectures we had been to on Terrorism and how to fight it, this one ranked the highest.   It gave some hard facts to justify the current madness in the world.
        According to the noted guest lecturer, Alan Oken who was dressed in black with amulets hanging from his neck, the problem is Saturn and Pluto.   Apparently, they are in exact opposition to each other.  And, when this happens, all hell breaks loose.
        Oken informed the audience of apprentice astrologers and my wife and me that three things occur:  one, an increase in power struggles; two, a raft of religious and doctrinal conflicts arise and three, secular issues explode.
       He used descriptions such as "in this situation we have to move outside the collective biological self into the particular self."   "We are moving into ages so that we are not planets but stars moving through a galactic center."  "We have to break free of the pain of constraint."   He told us we cannot solve the problem by being in it, but must rise above it, and used the example of Alexander the Great when challenged to untie the Gordian Knot refused to participate in unraveling the puzzle and instead swung his sword down and cut it in half.
      The elements of conflict between the two astrological planets are summed up in the following quote:

Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius have been playing their part in this global and personal drama, and over the next week, this influence will be intensifying until it reaches a peak in the first day or two of November. This means that these planets will be making an exact opposition (180 degrees) angle to each other in the zodiac and in astrological understanding, the energies of Saturn (structure, limits, boundaries, rules, law and order) will be opposing the energies of Pluto (pressure, intensity, one-sided fanaticism, death, transformation, re-birth). Saturn and Pluto combined brings discipline into our lives, intensifies our focus, compels us to be serious, and in extreme situations can lead to martyrdom and violence.

      I've usually scoffed at astrology.  But after hearing how the two dark sides of both planets were clashing negative energies and creating havoc, I was somewhat relieved.  At least I had something tangible to think about.
      History was repeating itself.   The last time the two planets were in opposition was in 1965 and 1966 at the cusp of the Vietnam War's birth.   Prior to that the planets faced off in 1931 and 1932, an era of the Great Depression.    Of course these events give astrologers credibility in what they say.
      And, just the other evening on the television show, Crossing Jordan, the sub-plot throughout the show was all about strange events happening, "the Saturn effect," as the cast called it which brought to the surface unexplainable oddities in almost everyone's life.
     So I thought about the snipers sitting on the rooftops overlooking the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem  They were waiting for any of the 200 Palestinians who have been holed up there since April 2 to show their faces, or backs, or starving stomachs.  If they carry weapons or run they will be shot instantly.  Some have been already.  The Israeli's claim they are Terrorists and want to prosecute them.
       The irony of the Saturn-Pluto opposition is that the worst imaginable scenario is occurring at the birthplace of Jesus, who many call the Prince of Peace.
       Catholics are under fire from the Saturn-Pluto opposition also, if one is inclined to give credit to the position of the planets as having some negative force on the institutions of mankind, and believe they help trigger catastrophic events.    Old, crusty men sit around in red caps denying women access to the pulpit, defending their secret society's right to keep the abuse of children from their flock and civil authorities, clinging to an ancient belief that celibacy is more spiritual than marriage for its preachers of the faith, while at home hundreds of people rush forward with accusations that celibacy was nothing more than a shroud to hide the actions of sexually twisted preachers.
         The war against Terrorism rages with a bitter sense of futility.  America is hunting the "needle in the haystack," spending billions of dollars to lop off one man's head as though by crushing it, the world would change.
         Others believe the events of Nine Eleven are directly related to the violence and hatred unleashed by Saturn's and Pluto's opposition as mankind's struggle for power of one nation over another, or one religion over another, festers.
         I found myself not surprised that all these events could be attributed to the alignment of Saturn and Pluto as opposites of one another.   When the dark side of one person meets the dark side of another, it represents two negative poles.  The result is repulsion not attraction.  
         As an architect of Vigilance, I see the first step in reconstructing our society as facing our dark sides together.   It is kind of like all of us agreeing we have a common problem with no common solution--at least, one we are employing currently.
        Religion and politics, the two glue sticks which were designed to hold civilization together in some sense of order and humanity to one another, are failing us.  The idea we can look to others for "leadership," is ebbing.   The cornerstones of authority are cracking before our very eyes, leaving the average citizen to "rise above" his or her own Complacency and take charge of the situation.
      As Oken said, the human being tends to want to be a planet flying around a star, held in check by the gravity of the sun's orbit, being directed rather than directing its own individual destiny.   That's why we have rules and laws and try to follow them, and why we build institutions such as government or religion and elect or surrender to these leaders' will and authority.  Such subjugation makes our lives easier.  We become nations of co-dependents, sheep following the shepherd.
      But, if you look at the Pope shaking, or look at President Bush's lack of finding and killing or capturing Osama bin Laden, or look at what's happening in the Middle East, or in Brooklyn or Placentia, California, you see the authorities of the world scratching their heads without solutions in sight.  You see authority emasculated.
      Now, if that is the purpose of Saturn and Pluto's opposition, all well and good.  It has stripped us of confidence in "others" to protect us as individuals.
      Instead of throwing up our hands, however, and crying out like lost sheep without a shepherd, we can rise above the mass of planets and become stars.   We can control our own destiny.
       That's what the Pledge of Vigilance is all about.
       It's about reclaiming the responsibility for one's personal physical and emotional security in a world of Terrorism that threatens its elimination.
       If we take the lessons of Nine Eleven, and the litany of ills being suffered by humanity worldwide, and examine them closely, we see that the sinew necessary to weave back the strength and power of any state of people requires a universal agreement that our children are more important than ourselves.
       How do we protect them?
       No longer can we count on government or religion to be the final force of protection.  We must return to our original roots, to our fundamentalism of duty to become Sentinels of Vigilance, in harmony with other Sentinels of Vigilance regardless of race, color, creed or religious conviction.
      What is right for the children must be our standard, and not just our own children, but all children of all times.
       The Pledge of Vigilance is all about that one, clear, concise point of view.
       It puts our first priority on ourselves, as Parents of Vigilance, Grandparents of Vigilance, Brothers and Sisters of Vigilance, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts of Vigilance, Citizens of Vigilance and Loved Ones of Vigilance.
      For every person in the world there is at least one category of Vigilance into which one can fit.
      We can all work toward a common goal in this world--and that is unity through our children.   We, as adults, may have evolved certain beliefs and prejudices, but the innocence of our children should be exempt from our own particular points of view on what they should believe and how they should believe it.   Were we right in our thinking and acting, our world wouldn't be gripped by the Terrorisms it currently radiates.
      There is hope.  There is a solution.  It is called Vigilance.
      It begins with each individual rising above the planets and becoming his or her own "star in the sky."
     It is cemented by taking the Pledge of Vigilance and employing its power in daily life; teaching a child how to blossom through fighting Fear with Courage, Intimidation with Conviction, and Complacency with Action.
     To effect the Pledge of Vigilance does not require a Supreme Court ruling or a Papal Encyclical.  Instead, it involves a highly personal commitment by a parent or loved one to "take charge" of a child's future.  When we care more about the children of the world, we'll see Pluto and Saturn turn the light on the dark side of humanity.

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