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Article Overview:   When is the right thing to do the right thing to do? Find out.


Ground Zero--040724--New York, NY--1048 Days From Ground Zero Plus One--"When is the Right Thing to do the Right Thing?"

This moral and ethical question has haunted mankind and womankind since the dawn of thought, but its answer is quite simple: The Right Thing to do is what is right for the Children's Children's Children.

The simplicity of this answer is befuddling to those who are interested in today more than tomorrow, for selfishness seems to overpower selflessness like a rock falling from the sky.

To shift one's thinking as to what is right for future generations--espeically for three generations from now--tends to evaporate one's vision when the bottom line is staring one in the face and the need for food or profit or power or success seems to be the only worthy goal at the moment.

We tend to become blinded to What's Right For The Future in favor of What's Right For Us--NOW!Are we blinded to the FUTURE in favor of the NOW?

That doesn't diminish the need for the question to be posed, for in the question lies the answer, as it does for all things.

The top CEO of the biggest company in the world can use that question in forming "today's" decision with the same alacrity of a parent deciding how to form an opinion that will shape the future of a child.

There is a compromise always between the needs of the future and the needs of the present, but if the decision is made for today with a consideration of "What's Right" for the future generations, the odds of a perverted, selfish decision that serves the immedate and not the future will be limited.Make a Vigilant decision for 'What's Right For The Children'

Ask yourself: "How many decisions do I make that don't include the question of what's right for the Children's Children's Children?"

If you find that few decisions employ this introspection, try thinking through the next dilemma, the next challenge with this question rolled into the process. By thinking through a situation with the future generations in mind, the idea of "Selfish Terrorism" is balanced by "Selfless Vigilance."

Enjoy the day. Let it be one of Vigilance.

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