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GROUND ZERO PLUS 1248 DAY--New York, NY, Tuesday, February 8, 2005--An apple by any other name might be just an apple, but in the Golan Heights, it could be a rose of peace or the Apple of Vigilance.

The "bite of the apple" may be a signpost that peace is possible between Syria and Israel

Neither Syria nor Israel are underscoring the importance of the recent purchase of 10,000 tons of apples from Arab farmers in the Golan Heights. Since 1967, Israel has occupied the Golan Heights and all trading between the two countries has been nil.

Syria is attempting to ignore Israel in the trade process. Officially, Syria touts it is trading with the Arabs who live there to help them out of "difficult economic circumstances."

Observers of the peace process see the "bite of the apple" as a signpost that peace is possible between the two nations, or, at least talks leading to such an conclusion might begin soon.

The peace process with China known as "Ping Pong Diplomacy"...

In 1971, President Richard Nixon started a peace process with China in what is now historically referred to as "Ping Pong Diplomacy," making the "Apple Diplomacy" of these countries not beyond grasp.

In 1971, the American Ping-Pong team was in Japan for the 31st World Table Championship. The team was approached by a Chinese colleague and offered an all-expense paid visit to the People's Republic.

...began with President Nixon

All information relations with China and the U.S. had been severed in 1949.

On April 10, nine players, four officials and two spouses stepped across a bridge from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland, launching what is now called "Ping-Pong diplomacy." The players were the first group of Americans allowed into China since the communists took over in 1949.

Premiere Chou En-lai hosted the players at a banquet in the Great Hall on April 14, 1971.

"You have opened a new chapter in the relations of the American and Chinese people," he told the unlikely diplomats. "I am confident that this beginning again of our friendship will certainly meet with majority support of our two peoples."

He also extended an invitation for more American journalists to visit China, provided they do not "all come at one time." That same day, the U.S. announced plans to remove a 20-year embargo on trade with China. A Chinese table tennis team reciprocated by visiting the United States.

Political Terrorism can be defeated with Principles of Vigilance. Not too many years ago, about fifty to be exact, European nations were at constant war with one another. It has only been over the past five decades that peace across Europe has existed.

There is a similar battle for Vigilance underway in the Middle East. Political Terrorism is under great fire, as never before. The idea that nations can exist as isolated, autonomous bullies refusing to join in the Circle of International Vigilance is antiquated.

China found a way to ease itself into the world's mainstream and happened to use ping pong balls to accomplish the goal.

Syria once controlled the Golan Heights and now is showing some signs of "Apple Core" diplomacy

Syria once in control of the Golan Heights, is showing some signs of "Apple Core" diplomacy. Political Terrorism that now exists in the Middle East may one day ease between Syria and Israel. Such Political Terrorism was swept away from the doorway between relations of the United States and China through ping pong balls, and apples could ultimately do the same for Syria and Israel.

There is a quite simple reason for the end of Political Terrorism and the rise of Vigilance among nations.

That reasons amounts to the Parents of Vigilance within embattled nations rising up above past prejudices and bigotries and seeking to act selflessly for future generations.

What could be better for Chinese children than linking up with the rest of the world and sharing the fascinations of the West. Conversely, what could be better for the United States and the West than to find a massive ally in the East who, as China has done in recently years, helped to keep North Korea in check.

China also has an incredible nuclear arsenal that is kept quite quiet, but nevertheless looms as its Big Stick.

In an annual report on the status of the Chinese military produced by the Department of Defense, China maintains nuclear missiles and advanced technology to wage war against the entire world should it ever elect to do so.

Above is an example of Chinese diplomacy : Chinese President Hu Jintao greets Kim Jong Il at the Great Hall of the People in April, 2004 Go To

But wise Chinese officials have offered the world top-grade manufacturing and excellent prices to urge world trade its way. Major Chinese cities are bursting with global business and the Olympics are heading its way.

Even with a nuclear missile in its hip pocket, China is seeking Vigilance Diplomacy rather than Terrorism Diplomacy. And, it's paying off.

Syria is sliding in that direction.

And even though the United States virtually forced democracy upon Iraq, it was well deserved. The recent elections verify the thirst in the Middle East to be self-governed, and, as part of that process, for individual Vigilance to become more important than state Vigilance.

Perhaps the Apples of Vigilance will turn into an Apple Peace Pie

Only when individuals seek to protect their freedom for their families does Vigilance truly survive. And only when individuals abdicate freedom for Fear, Intimidation and Complacency does Terrorism rise to power.

So, the Apple of Vigilance has been bitten in the Golan Heights.

Perhaps it will turn into an Apple Peace Pie.

And, the children of the world will be the ones to take the first bite.



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