Article Overview:   Political attack dogs try to rip and shred their opponents by shaking out all the dirt possible on the other.   But a few candidates stand above the slime of "dirty politics," and avoid Political Terrorism.   In Iowa, the people poured out to vote for a Sentinel of Political Vigilance.  Why?


Tuesday, January 20, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 860
Attack-Dog Politics Turn And Bite Dr. Dean

Cliff McKenzie

         GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Jan. 20, 2004 --  The race for President of the United States democratic nominee has been called a dog fight.  Some have called it an attack-dog fight.  I call it the Beast of Political Terror attack.

Howard Dean's day was NOT made in Iowa's democratic nomination event

      Last night, in round one of a main political nomination event, democrat Howard Dean's campaign was gutted by the slashing teeth of Senator John Kerry and John Edwards, rivals of Dr. Dean for the democratic presidential spotlight.
       The battle between democrats has been likened to attack-dog politics, where one candidate sics his Beasts of Political Terror on another candidate in hopes of wounding and crippling the other.    The attack-dog strategy is to divert voters from critical policy questions; to eviscerate the opponent's personality, ripping open and exposing any and all flaws.
      These tactics used to be called "dirty politics," but there has been an evolution.   Dirty has turned into Terrorism.  

Dean sunk his jaws deep into President Bush's belly

      Apparently, it back lashed on Howard Dean.    John Edwards, who came in second behind Senator Kerry, walked the neutral line.  He made no attacks.
      Dean, on the other hand, had his bulldog jaws sunk deep into President Bush's belly, snarling and shaking the president's war policies rabidly, even after Saddam Hussein has been captured.  Dean also snarled and snapped at an elderly Iowan during a Town Hall meeting, suggesting to viewers that Dean had no control of his emotions, and might verbally abuse someone on an unequal plane just to make a point.
      Kerry, on the other hand, appealed to the voters in Iowa.   Unlike Dean, Kerry went to war and fought for his country.   Kerry acted with heroism.   Even though Kerry supported the resolution to go to war in Iraq, he opposes it today.    Voters bought the fact that Kerry had a right to make a stand, while they denied Dean that authority in the final voting.

In Iowa it appears that Kerry is the best protector of the Children's Children's Children

      I believe there is an undercurrent in Iowa that runs deep in all the primaries being held throughout the country.  That is, who is the best Sentinel of Vigilance, the best protector of the Children's Children's Children?
      Dr. Dean is an opportunist.    Most politicians are.    He leaped out in front of the anti-war band and made a lot of noise when others were silent.    His rants and raves and attack-dog policies to undermine the President and American policy brought him into the spotlight.   But, when the American public, at least in Iowa, stepped back and looked hard at whose hands they were willing to place the security of their Children's Children's Children, they offed Dean and fell behind Kerry.
      Why?   Kerry is a Soldier of Vigilance.  He has proven his ability to put his life up on the chopping block to defend others.   Courage, Conviction and Right Actions that benefit future generations are not commodities that come out of speeches, but realities shaped on the anvil of experience.

Sentinels of Vigilance are not made of paper or speeches

Kerry receiving military honors

     Kerry was willing to take a bullet for America's future.    Sentinels of Vigilance are not made of paper or speeches.   They accrue their respect over time and are tested by challenges.   
      As a Vietnam Vet, I was glad to see Kerry win Iowa.   I believe that a president who has faced the Beast of Terror in the battlefields makes better decisions than one who hasn't.   When one puts his or her life on the chopping block for a cause that involves the security of all children,  there is a maturity within one that cannot be compared to one who has not made such a choice.
      Whether Senator Kerry is successful or not in his bid for democratic leadership of his party, I have no idea.

The attack dogs that sought to boost Dean to the forefront failed and.....

...were muzzled by the voters

      I only know that the attack dogs that sought to cripple and maim him, and boost Dean to the forefront, failed.    They were muzzled in the final hour by voters who sought to look past the snarls and growls into the Soul of the Future Sentinel.
      A President of the United States must ultimately become a Sentinel of Vigilance.   He or she must make the decisions that protect the future of our Children, and our Children's Children's Children.  
      I believe the Iowa voters saw through Dr. Dean's one-dimensional anti-war agenda, and magnified the multi-dimensions of John Kerry.
     While they may not have articulated their feelings, I believe when they went to vote they asked the big question:  "Who would you want to be the Sentinel of Vigilance for your children?   Dr. Dean or John Kerry?"
      The answer was clear.
      The attack dogs of political Terrorism got their teeth ground down in Iowa.

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