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Peaceful and Not-So-Peaceful Demonstrations
Cliff McKenzie

**Peaceful and Not-So-Peaceful Demonstrations Against Vigilance
       Millions of people throughout the world have marched for and against the War on Terrorism, some advocating the necessity for it, others hurling invectives against it.   New York City is one of the world hubs of protest, and a host of stories on this subject are available for review and comment. 


Dec 20, 2004 The Great $25 Fine For Violating National Subway Security

Oct 26, 2004 Protesting For Viglance

Sep 10, 2004 Why The Blood Of Vigilance Flows For The Freedom Of All

Sep 3, 2004 The Evolution Of The Vigilance Revolution: 1776 vs. 1735 vs. 2948

Sep 1, 2004 Human Slavery Is Alive And Well At The Republican National Convention

Aug 28-29, 2004 The Democracy Of Violence: Terrorism On Your Doorstep

Aug 27, 2004 Walking With The Protestors of Nothing

Mar 21, 2004 Protesting The War On Terror -- A Vigilant View

Nov 20-21, 2004             Bones Of Dissent

Apr    26,    2003             Beast Of Protest Attacks Dixie Chicks

Apr    11,    2003             A TerrorHunter's Day Of Pride

Apr      5,    2003             General Patton vs. Protestors

Mar   29,    2003              Anti-Americanism--Saddam's Greatest Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Mar   28,   2003                Walking Among The Dead & Dying War Protestors

Mar   25,   2003                 250,000 x's 250=62 Million Friends Of the Warriors Of Vigilance

Mar   24,   2003                Letter To The Real Peace Protestors--The Warriors In Iraq

Mar  23,   2003                 Anti-War Protests Turns Peace Into War

Mar  21,   2003                  The Beast Of Protest Terror Rules!

Mar  20,   2003                  The Anti-War Battle For Times Square

Mar  18,   2003                  The Great American Right:  The Will To Fight & Protest A War In Iraq At The Same Time

Mar  15,   2003                   Vigilance Lost In The Wilderness Of Complacency

Mar  11,   2003                  The Morality Of Killing A Peace Advocate's Sorrow

Feb  26,   2003                   Is The Ugliness of War worth the Price  of Freedom ?  

Feb  25,   2003                    Poets Against The War: The Politics Of Polemics

Feb  22,   2003                    When Cities Protest War Do The Children Lose The Battle?

Feb 15,   2003                    Winter's Snowy Terrorism

Feb  14,   2003                    A Valentine Of Vigilance For The Children Of Europe   

Dec  12,   2002                   Terrorism's Sores of the Soul--The Ku Klux Klan & Disney

Nov  21,   2002                  Bones Of Protest: A Dying Art

Nov  12,   2002                  Big Apple Becomes Small Town America For Vets

May   6,   2002                   Vigilance vs. Protestors Of Terrorism

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