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Saddam/Osama bin Laden/And Other Beasts Of Mass Destruction
Cliff McKenzie

**Saddam/Osama bin Laden/And Other Beasts of Mass Destruction

            Evil has an eye.  Sometimes two.  Figureheads of Terrorism sprout up, and we can label this one or that as the fountainhead.  But behind these figures are other figures, sometimes waiting to step in or replace their leaders with their own leadership.  Enjoy these stories of “living evil.” 


May 9, 2005 The Terror Or Vigilance Of Time

April 29, 2005 Ratting Out Yorkie Terrorists

Mar 29, 2005 Battling The Beast Of Smoke

Mar 16, 2005 $11 Billion Dollar Beast Of Financial Terror Looks To Eat Prison Bars For 70 Years

Mar 15, 2005 Beast Of Terror Feasts At The Church's Altar But Sentinel Of Vigilance Turns Page

Mar 2, 2005 The Terror Of A Toilet

Feb 27, 2005 Softly Stalks The Beast Of Terror In Our Backyards

Feb 5, 2005 U.S. Government "Terror Wolves" vs. State Sentinels Of Vigilance

Jan 17, 2004 Dying Of Cancer On Martin Luther King Day

Dec 29, 2004 Is Mother Nature A Beast Of Terror Sending A Signal To All Terrorists She's In Charge Of Balance?

Dec 6, 2004 The Night The Rottweiler Beast Of Terror Killed The Sentinel Of Yorkshire Terrier of Vigilance

Dec 4, 2004 Does The Beast Of Communication Terror Live Under Your Tongue...?

Nov 2, 2004 Challenging The Vote At The Voting Polls -- Ultimate Terrorism Or Ultimate Treasure

Oct 31, 2004 BOOO!!! Beast Of Terror -- You Don't Scare Me

Oct 7-8, 2004 The Cold & Flu Terrorists Attack One Billion U.S. Citizens A Year

Oct 6, 2004 The Message Of Lice: "We're Here To Stay"

Oct 5, 2004 Why The Beast Of Terror Will Be Watching The Political Debates Rather Than The World Series

Oct 3, 2004 Fighting The Horror Of Torture On The Streets Of New York City

Oct 1, 2004 Rats & Rattlesnakes - The Haunting Of Civilization's Advance

Sept 29, 2004 "You're Not Black!" Sssaid The Subpoena Server: A Close Call With Legal Terrorism

Sept 28, 2004 Cutting The Toenails Of The Beast Of Terror --An Act Of Cowardice By The U.S. Military Officers In Iraq

Sept 22, 2004 Angus And The Beheading Beasts Of The New York City's Subway Of Terror

Sept 16, 2004 Narco-Terrorism: Is It A Real Or Fabricated Threat To Our Children's Children's Children

Sept 15, 2004 Beast Of Violent Terror Invades American Girls

Sept 5, 2004 Lest We Forget

Sept 4, 2004 The Beast Of Terror Has New Strategy: Kill American Children In School

Aug 26, 2004 Screams In The Night Are The Beast Of Terror

Aug 19-20, 2004 Sentinels of Olympic Vigilance Drive Away Beast Of Terror In Athens, Greece

Aug 18, 2004 Terrorists Enroute To Wall Street Charged With Conspiracy to cause Fear Panic And Disruption

Aug 16, 2004 The Beast Of Debt-Terror Stalks Our Children

Aug 12, 2004 America's Most Feared Terrorist: The Arrogant, Indifferent Corporation

Aug 10, 2004 Interview With "Just Another Corporate Rape Victim"

Aug 6, 2004 Class-Action TerrorHunters Attack Corporate Terrorism --Is This Good or Bad?

Aug 3, 2004 Parallels Between Corporate Terrorism And Olympic Terrorism

July 31, 2004 Corporate Terrorists Attack The Statue Of Liberty And Undermine Children's Trust

July 20, 2004 Insurance Terrorists Rip Off Warriors Of Vigilance

May    2,   2004                Torture, Terrorism & Iraq: Another Quagmire?

April   5,   2004                 Wal-Mart Fights To Be Retailer of Vigilance

April  22,  2004                "Battling The Beast Of Pain"

           April   9,   2004                 The Ethics Of Death

Jan      5,   2004               Trial Of The First Beast Of Terror: Revenge Against Saddam Hussein

Jan      4,   2004               Putting Kids In Jail:   A Solution To Terrorism Or Just Feeding The Beast?

Dec    19,  2003      What Do Michael Jackson & Saddam Hussein Have In Common?

Dec    18,  2003       Torturing Saddam In The Zoo Of Vigila

Dec    17,  2003       Interview With Saddam In His Iraqi Rat Hole

Dec    15,  2003       Capturing Weapons Of Mass Destruction:  Saddam Husse

Sep    30,  2003         The Day Terrorism Died

Sep    15,  2003         To Kill Or Not Kill Yasir Arafat,  That Is The Question                             

Aug  26,  2003          The Five Percent Nation Of Cop Killers

Aug  14,  2003          Terror Rats Scurry the Streets of NYC

Aug    3,  2003          Burying The Bodies Of Terrorism

July  24,  2003          Back-Shooting By The Beast Of Terror

July  23,  2003          Dead Sons Of The Beast Of Terror:  A Legacy To Beware

July  10,  2003          666--A Reminder Evil Stalks The Shadow of Vigilance

July    3,  2003          Terror On The Golf Course

June 12,  2003           Road To Peace Splattered With Beast Of Terror Bloodshed

May  14, 2003           Binary Terrorism--High School Girls & Beasts of Terror

May    9, 2003           Locking Up Teenage Terrorists in the Name of Vigilance

Apr   29, 2003           Celebrating Saddam Hussein's Birth-Death Day

Apr   28, 2003           Beast of SARS--Invisible Enemy Attacks World Security

Apr   22, 2003           Why Pre-emptive Terrorism Strikes Are Right

Apr   12, 2003            The Day Terrorism Died

Apr   10, 2003            Tearing Down The Statue Of Terrorism

Apr    7,  2003            No  Decapitation Strikes Says Kim Jong Il

Mar   2,  2003             Crushing Missiles In Iraq or Crushing America's Will?

Feb  23,  2003             The Ugliest Side Of War:  Lone Wolf Terrorism

Feb  20,  2003             Manhole Blows, Casts Darkness

Feb  19,  2003             Soggy Terrorism Pits People's Vigilance

Feb  18,  2003             The Beast of Terror Laughs at Snowplow

Feb  17,  2003              The Beast of Mother Nature Drenches the Land with Snow and Ice

Feb  16,  2003              Snow Terrorizes Escape Routes

Feb  15,  2003              Winter's Snowy Terrorism

Feb  13,  2003              Missiles In The Haystack: A look at Terrorism vs. Tyranny

Feb 12,  2003              Osama Bin Laden's Tape Rallies U.S. To Wage War On Iraq

Feb   9,  2003             Casting Lots As Saddam Hangs On the Cross

Jan  31,  2003             Battling The "Fat" Beast Of XXXL Terrorism

Jan  28,  2003             The Day I Bowed Before The King Of Terror & His Princes

Jan  22,  2003               Aborting The Beast Of Terror

Jan  21, 2003             Burying The Beast Of Terror In His Own Tunnels Of Terrorism

Jan   18,  2003               The Day The Beast of Cancer Attacked

Jan   16,  2003               China's Beast Of Terror Purrs Watching U.S. Prepare For War

Jan    2,   2003                Where Is The Most Wanted Terrorist, Waldo?

Dec   6,   2002               The Night The Beast Of Terror Swallowed Walter Cronkite

Nov 13,  2002                 Pharaoh Of Terrorism Returns To Center Stage

Nov   9,  2002                 Seven Day Terrorism Face Off To Sign Pledge of Vigilance

Oct   21,  2002                Trembling Terrorists Weaken In Face-Off With Vigilance

Oct  18,  2002                 Bomb Iraq & North Korea?

Sep  22,  2002                 Rueben--The Biting Terrorist

Sep    4,  2002                 Terrorist Mosquitoes Attack USA

Sep    2,  2002                 "There's A Rat In The Subway!"

July  31, 2002                  KILLING WHALES OF TERRORISM

July  14, 2002                  Computer Terrorism

June 30, 2002                  TORTURE OF VIGILANCE

June 24, 2002                  Outhouse Terrorism--Is It A Solution

May 11, 2002                  Osama Is Alive--In California!

May   1, 2002                  Viral Terrorism

Apr  27,  2002                  The Bully Terrorist

Apr  19,  2002                  Colonoscopy Vs. Terrorism

Apr  11,   2002                 Terrorism & Lollipops

Mar  18,  2002                 Terrorism & Child Molestation

Mar  16,  2002                 Osama bin Laden's "Last Stand!"

Mar    5,  2002                 FAT CELL TERRORISM

Feb   15,  2002                 THE TERRORISM OF TAX DAY

Feb     5,  2002                  bin Laden & The Cigarette Terrorism Plot

Jan    29,  2002                  THE TERRORISM OF FAT

Jan      6,  2002                  Terror Of The GoatSucker

Jan      4,  2002                 Attack Of Terrorism's Computer Anti-Virus Virus

Dec   28,  2001                 Terrorism Is Within Us All--We Are "The Pack Of Dogs"

Sep    25, 2001                 Terrorism at Ben & Jerry’s  

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