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Conversations With God
Cliff McKenzie

  **Conversations With God
      Sometimes humorous, sometimes prayerful, sometimes earth-shaking, these “conversations” are between Cliff and the Almighty.  They cover many questions and fascinating answers that provide readers with another dimension of understanding the Role of Vigilance, and how God may view human behavior today, some five billion years following the existence of the earth.


Jan 10, 2005 Victory, Defeat, Retreat Or Vigilance: A Time To Recall FDR's Four Freedoms

Nov 7, 2004 Marathon Of Vigilance: Can You Outrun The Best Of Terror In Your Backyard?

 Oct 24, 2004 World Series Players' Prayers Hit HomeRuns With Angels Of Vigilance

          May 19-18,      2004     A Conversation With God Re: The Iraqi Torture, Maiming..


            March    9,       2003      Conversation With God: Will Saddam Escape Death?

  March  19,       2003     What Warriors Of Vigilance Pray To Before Battling The Beast Of  Terror

  November  27, 2003     A Thanksgiving Prayer

   November 16,  2003     Conversation With God About Iraq, Withdrawal & Tootsie Rolls

    September 24,  2003   What Warriors Of Vigilance Pray To

February 13,    2003     Missiles In The Haystack: A look at Terrorism vs. Tyranny

 January 30,      2003     A Conversation With God On Why We Should Attack Iraq

 September 10, 2002     Eve Of Destruction       

   April  2,           2002     Conversation With God--Peanuts & Vigilance   

March 12,       2002      PRAISING THE UNSUNG HEROES OF 9-11  

   March  6,        2002      PRAYING FOR SEEDS OF VIGILANCE

 November 6,   2001      God Talk About – Lepers,   

 Home Security And Complacency

October 13,   2001   Conversations With God      

About Being a Trained Killer

October 8,      2001        The Terrorism of Democracy          

October 5,       2001       Conversations With God      

 October 1,       2001        Out Of The Smoke Of Death
  Rise Fairy Tales of Life

September 30,  2001        370 Pounds of Souls Died  
     September 11  

September 29,  2001        Fighting My Own Fears  

September 27,  2001        Looking For Answers                                      

September 26,  2001        Seeking Vigilance With Purpose       


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