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Heroes and Memorials
Cliff McKenzie


**Heroes And Memorials
      There are many heroes in life who may be called “Sentinels of Vigilance,” those who guard and protect not just the present values of a society, but go beyond that to protect the future rights of the Children’s Children’s Children.  Some give their lives to this end.  In this section you will find an array of stories dealing with both the heroes and memorials, guarded by living Sentinels of Vigilance and by the Spirits of Vigilance who hover over Ground Zero, reminding us all to not succumb to the Complacency, Fear or Intimidation of The Beast of


April 29, 2005 Ratting Out Yorkie Terrorists
April 7, 2005 A Million View Sentinel Of Religious Vigilance
April 2, 2005 A Case For Benevolent Kings
Mar 15, 2005 Beast Of Terror Feasts At The Church's Altar But Sentinel Of Vigilance Turns Page
Feb 19, 2005 Uncommon Valor Was A Common Virtue
Feb 2, 2005 America's First Mother Of SuperBowl Vigilance
Jan 30, 2005 A Woman Dentist In A Bullet Proof Vest Stands Sentinel To Iraqi Vigilance

Jan 20, 2005 Inauguration Of The First Global Sentinel Of


Nov 10, 2004 Marines Still Dying - After 229 Years
Oct 30, 2004 Thomas Jefferson and Osama Bin Laden Warn Americans To Be Wary Of Politicians Trying To Protect Them From Terrorism

Sep 19-20, 2004 The Day The Angel Of Death Kissed The Angel Of Life
Aug 24, 2004 Swift Boat Madness: Why We Make Up Stories About Heroes
Aug 19-20, 2004 Sentinels Of Olympic Vigilance Drive Away Beast Of Terror In Athens, Greece
Aug 8, 2004School Crossing Guards On TerrorWatch For Our Children

Aug 2, 2004 Political Terrorists Plot To Bomb Ralph Nader's Campaign

June10,  2004               My Day With Ronald Reagan--A Day Of Vigilance

June  1,  2004               Memorial Terrorism Day
May  7,  2004               The Thin Moral Box Of The Iraqi War
Apr 29,  2004               Tribute To A Fallen Marine Sentinel Of Vigilance

Feb 25,  2004               Ash Wednesday: The Sign Of Sentinels Of Vigilance

Jan  16,  2004              The Chief Sentinel Of Domestic Terrorism Rules L.A.

Jan    9,  2004               Pete Rose vs. Baseball's Beast Of Terror

Nov 24, 2003               Mickey Mouse Reeling Under Terrorism Of Age

Nov 19, 2003               Japanese Troops To Iraq With $1,000,000 Bounty If They Die

Nov  17, 2003              Two Faces Of Terrorism

Nov  15, 2003              Jessica Lynch's Father's Vigilance Vision

Nov  14, 2003              The First "Rapper Of Vigilance"

Nov  13, 2003              Why The World Despises America--Including Our Own Terror Politicians

Nov  11, 2003               Turning Our Backs On Veterans Causes Tears Of Blood To Spill

Nov  10, 2003                Is The Beast Of Terror Ripping The Heart From Vietnam Wall Memorial?

Nov    5, 2003                 Terrorizing Ronald Reagan--The battle of the Ants of Terror vs. the Elephant of Vigilance

Nov    2, 2003                 NYC Marathon Of Vigilance Runs Down Terrorism

Oct   28, 2003                 Lady Liberty Shines The Light On Terrorism

Oct   26, 2003                 The World Series Of Vigilance Victory

Oct   23, 2003                 Who Has The Right To Kill A Child Or An Adult?

Sep   18, 2003                 What Are You Willing To Die For?

Sep   16, 2003                 Defending The Sentinels Of "War Vigilance"

Sep   14, 2003                 Martyrs Of Vigilance's: Don't Eat Our Children Of Vigilance

Sep   13, 2003                Johnny Cash Battles The Beast Of Terror Victoriously

Sep    8, 2003                Burying the Last Vial Of Terrorism's Blood

Aug 23, 2003                 Wedding Shower Of Vigilance

Aug 22, 2003                 5,280-pound Terror Bomb Sits In Alabama Supreme Court Lobby

Aug 10, 2003                 Women Of Vigilance Rule Over The Beast Of Terror

Aug   8, 2003                 Terminator Tackles Beast Of Political Terror

Aug   5, 2003                 Monsoons Of Vigilance

July 28, 2003                 Infamy or Vigilance:  The Great War To End All Wars

July 19,  2003                 Be A Sentinel of K-3 Vigilance

July   9,  2003                 A Yuppie's Duty To Battle The Beast of Terror

June 30, 2003                 Be A Caesar Of Vigilance

June 26, 2003                  Will Affirmative Action Be Around When Whites Are The Minority?

June 24, 2003                 Bounty-Hunting Saddam Hussein With The "Dog"

June 22, 2003                 The Crack In Iraq's Liberty Bell

June 20, 2003                 Harry Potter vs. The Beast Of Terror

June 10, 2003                 The Beast of Terror vs. Martha Stewart 

June   3, 2003                  Hawk of Vigilance Seeks To Tame Terrorism

May 30, 2003                  CIA Assassin Gongs NYC In Hunt For Osama & Saddam

May 28, 2003                  James Brown:  "Love America or Leave it!"

May 27, 2003American Youth Support U.S. Military Sentinels of Vigilance

May 26, 2003                   Black Eye For Vietnam War Memorial

May 25, 2003                  Who's On First--Mt. Everest?  The Moon?

May 24, 2003                   Woman Stalked By 110 Men With Clubs, Wards Off 11

May 22, 2003                   Voting For Your American Idol Of Vigilance

May 13, 2003                   Who Wants To Rule Chaos?

Apr  27, 2003                    Charlton Heston:  Sunshine Patriots of Vigilance Beware

April 26, 2003                   Attack By A Sentinel Of Vigilance 

April 21, 2003                   TerrorHawks Stalk NYC Parks

April 18, 2003                   Death Of A Fat Terrorism Warrior

April 17, 2003                   War Dogs Bark Vigilance Over Terrorism

April 15, 2003                   Women Warriors Die For Iraqi Mothers

April  8, 2003                    The Killing of Baghdad Bob

April 6, 2003                     Jessica Lynch--War Hero?

April 5, 2003                     General Patton vs. Protestors

April 3, 2003                     Why American Women Are Fighting Terrorism In Iraq

Mar  16, 2003                     Iraqi Women Suicide Bombers--Mothers of Vigilance or Violence?

Mar 14, 2003                      Task Force Tarawa--U.S. Marines Preparing To Die

Mar 13, 2003                      The Serbian Mandate:  It's Crunch Time For Terrorism


Mar   4, 2003                       Screaming Eagles Of Vigilance Fight For Children's Future

Feb  28, 2003                        Why I Owe Fred Rogers A Kiss

Feb  21, 2003                        Terrorism's Attack On Heart Transplant Victim Sends Signal

Feb 11,  2003                        Orbiting The World Of  Terrorism & Vigilance

Feb   5,  2003                        Dog Runs of Terrorism Find Vigilance

Feb   2,  2003                        Columbia Crew Touches The Hand Of Vigilance

Jan   9,  2003                         Dolphin Terrorism vs. Lobster Vigilance

Jan   8,  2003                         Iraqi Women Warriors Mass To Defend Their Homes

Dec 28, 2002                         Letterman Brings Laughter To Terrorism Battle Troops

Dec 10, 2002                         NYC Mayor Faces Off Terrorism With A Bicycle Of Vigilance

Nov 16, 2002                        Grandfather Of Vigilance Walks Into Jaws Of Terror

Oct  30, 2002                         Sweet Strings of Vigilance

Oct  26, 2002                         Women Of Vigilance  Seek Global Peacemaking Role

Oct  20, 2002                         Eagles Of Vigilance   

Oct  16, 2002                         Christopher "Terrorist?" Columbus: The Sniper Of 1492        

Oct  13, 2002                         A Psalm Of Vigilance--Use My Ears...Use My Years

Oct    6,  2002                        Weiner Dogs Of Vigilance 

Oct    5,  2002                        Don't Eject Father Of Vigilance

Oct    3,  2002                        War Heroes Can Be Schoolteachers 

Sep  14,  2002                        A Dog's Day Night On 5th Avenue   

Sep    1,  2002                        Tomb Of The Unknown "Sentinel Of Vigilance"   

Aug  28, 2002                         Flushing America's Vital Resources Down The Toilet

Aug  21, 2002                          HARLEM'S BIG LITTLE LEAGUE

Aug  19, 2002                          King Of Global Vigilance Stands Tall

Aug  16, 2002                          THE KING IS DEAD--THE KING OF SWAT

Aug  13, 2002                          Corporate Women Of Vigilance

Aug  10, 2002                          WIVES OF VIGILANCE

Aug    9, 2002                          THE KING OF VIGILANCE LIVES!!

Aug    7, 2002                          FDNY Heroes Of 9.11 Flee Duty For Money

Aug    3, 2002                          CROCODILE HUNTER SHOULD

July  30, 2002                           Godzilla--Terrorist Turned Sentinel of Vigilance

July  28, 2002                           SHADOW WOLVES: 

July  10, 2002                            The Price Is Right For Vigilance

July    7, 2002                            BARRACUDA SAVES 9.11 HERO


July   6,  2002                            Ted Williams--Soldier Of Vigilance

June 20, 2002                            Cycles Of Vigilance Invade NYC

June   3, 2002                            An African-American/Native American Woman Of Vigilance

May  20, 2002                           Dogs Of Vigilance

May  12, 2002                           The Killing Of Mothers Of Vigilance

April 25, 2002                           Some Heroes Have Fleas

Mar  31, 2002                            Happy Easter--The Resurrection of Vigilance

Mar  29, 2002                             "I Can See Everything!"

Mar  13, 2002                            ETERNAL EYE OF VIGILANCE

Mar  12, 2002                            PRAISING THE UNSUNG HEROES OF 9-11

Mar   4,  2002                            SWEET SMELL OF NAPALM

Feb  27, 2002                             CRAWLING IN THE GUTS OF VIGILANCE

Feb  22, 2002                             GUN-TO-THE-HEAD VIGILANCE

Feb    3, 2002                             PATRIOTS Vs. THE TERRORISTS

Jan   21, 2002                            DISAPPEARANCE OF DIVERSITY--MLK'S LEGACY

Jan     8,  2002                           Mayor Rudy--My Father Of Vigilance

Dec   26, 2002         Have We Forgotten The True Heroes Of 9/11?

Dec  25, 2001                 The Gift Of Vigilance--A Special Package

Dec  24, 2001                   Peace In The Heart Of Terrorism

Dec  12, 2001                   Bless The Angels Who Fight Destruction--
 The Fireman As A Hero To  A Child

Dec    3, 2001       Should George Harrison of the Beatles Be Treated
 The Same Way As A Hero Of Nine Eleven?

Nov  26, 2001                   scroll down to: The Shame! 
 Forgetting To Honor Our Heroes Of Vigilance On Thanksgiving

Nov  22, 2001                   Happy Thanksgiving--Sentinels of Vigilance--
 The Sentinels are leading the 75th Macy Day Parade!

Nov  15, 2001                    Marvel Comics Tribute To The Super Heroes of  09-11-01
 --Our Guardians Of Terrorism

Oct   20, 2001                    "Don't Forget--I Died Saving You!" 
  Gripping story of a Port Authority Police Officer's last words to his buddies
 as he dies under the rubble--a call to all he is a Sentinel of Vigilance.

Oct   19, 2001                     Wife of hero who led the charge to thwart the plane heading for the White House
 faces her Fear while the US Congress runs away from anthrax scare

Sep   16, 2001                     Help Me Find My Daddy       

Sep    13, 2001                   Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty  


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