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Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Loved Ones of Children of Vigilance

Cliff McKenzie


**Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Loved Ones of Children of Vigilance
      Nothing is more important than fighting for the rights of the children when we think in terms of Terrorism.  It is easy to get trapped in the political, social, economic and religious aspects of whether the War On Terrorism is right or wrong, and there is a danger in steering our opinions and thoughts to any of those narrow categories.  In this section, we can arrange stories for your review that deal with the importance of the Big Vigilant Picture – what is right for the Children’s Children’s Children.   It is our belief that one day, when individuals and nations make decisions not of selfish interests, but rather on behalf of all future generations, then we will have moved ahead at full steam toward being Individuals, States, Nations and a Global Community of Vigilance.


June 9, 2005 Social Justice In Iraq & New York City -
Are We Complacency Terrorists?
May 17, 2005 Flushing The Koran Down The Toilet --
A Deadly Rumor-Terror-Error
March 14, 2005 The Scar Tissue Of War -- Scabs Of Peace & Freedom
Feb 26, 2005 1200 Years Of Prison For 1993 World Trade Center Convicted Terrorists
Jan 29, 2004 What Compells A Father To Kill His Daughter At School?
Jan 24, 2004 The Eternal Value Of Spies Of Viglance..."
Dec 3, 2004 Protecting The Vigilance Of A Child's Belief
Dec 2, 2004 Why Mothers And Fathers Kill Their CHildren: A Failure Of Societal Vigilance
Nov 30, 2004 Boutique Terrorism Uses FBI To Help Recruit Baby Beasts Of Terror
Nov 22, 2004 Killing President Kennedy On A Video Game: Terrorism Training? Or Parental Neglect
Nov 17, 2004 Are You A Parent...Of Vigilance Neglect?
Nov 11, 2004 Veterans Day 2004: Who Are The Real Victims Of Combat
Nov 4, 2004 The Moral Mandate: Voting For The Parents Of Vigilance
Oct 25, 2004 Special Report From Union Square Park : A Letter From The Children Wondering Why The Adults Are Trying To Steal Their Playground Land To Build A Restaurant
Sep 23-24, 2004 Mothers Of Vigilance Hedging On Voting For John Kerry
Sep 13-14, 2004 Batman Invades the Security Of Britain's Royal Family: A Sign Of Terrorism On The Fly
Sep 6, 2004 Which Of Your Children Would You Feed To The Beast Of Terror?
Aug 22-23, 2004 Art Terrorists Steal Beast Of Terror's Scream
July 19, 2004 When Are You Too Old To Die For Your Grandchildren?
June    16,  2004          Death's Ashes On Strollers & Baby Carriages
May    17,  2004         War Is The Absence of Vigilance: Peace Is Its Presence ! 
Mar     28,  2004         Generational Vigilance

Jan      17, 2004          Mind Melding With A Sentinel Of Vigilance

Jan        8,  2004          Benefits of Bounty-Hunting Children's Terrorism

Jan        7,  2004          Releasing Our Internal Terrorists--It's Time

Jan        6,  2004          EGBOK--The Battle Cry Of Vigilance

Jan        5,  2004          Trial Of The First Beast Of Terror: Revenge Against Saddam Hussein

Dec      26, 2003           The Beast Attacks Like The Mad Cow Disease

Dec      16, 2003           Xmas Present For Teenagers

Dec      15, 2003           Capturing Weapons Of Mass Destruction:  Saddam Hussein

Dec      10, 2003           Gift Of The Magi--A Pledge Of Vigilance

Dec        8, 2003          The Cost Of Vigilance In Iraq:  Sixty Cents A Day!

Dec        7, 2003            Pearl Harbor--A Reminder To Always Be A Parent of Vigilance

Dec        4, 2003          Sentinels of Vigilance
Challenge The Beast of Baby Formula 

Dec        3, 2003           Lights Of Vigilance

Dec        1, 2003           Legos & Grandkids Chase Beast Of Terror Away

Nov      26, 2003          Eating the Thanksgiving Beast of Terror

Nov      25, 2003           The Vigilance Platform: What American Politics Needs

Nov      17, 2003           Two Faces Of Terrorism

Nov        4, 2003           Israel--The Greatest Threat To World Peace?

Oct       27, 2003           Brush Fires Of Vigilance Rage Within The Children

Sep       27, 2003           Expecting The Unexpected From Terrorism  

Sep       26, 2003           The Immorality Of Teaching Children Morality              

Sep       20, 2003           What Is Terrorism?

Aug      31, 2003           A Million Minutes Later: The Eyes Of Vigilance See 

Aug      20, 2003           A Day With Georgie

Aug        7, 2003           Love & Hate: The Beast of Terror's Great Conflict

Aug        6, 2003           Small Babies Sprout From 9/11 Terrorist Attack

July      31, 2003           Fences Of Vigilance:  Do They Keep Terrorism At Bay?

July      30, 2003           Grandparents University of Vigilance:  A Need For The Kids

July      23, 2003            Dead Sons Of The Beast Of Terror:  A Legacy To Beware 

July      16, 2003           Parents of Drug Vigilance:  Battle The Beast of Drug Terror  

July      15, 2003           Be A Grandfather of Vigilance

June     29, 2003            Shaman Blessing The Children Of Vigilance

June     23, 2003            No Child Left Behind: Complacent Terrorism?     

June     15, 2003            Father Of Vigilance Day!          

June     12, 2003            Road To Peace Splattered With Beast Of Terror Bloodshed  

Apr       30, 2003            Family Circle Of Vigilance

Mar        1,  2003            Why American Children Want To Fight The War In Iraq     

Feb       24, 2003             Defining Terrorism:  Can You Do It For The Children?

Feb     13, 2003               Missiles In The Haystack: A look at Terrorism vs. Tyranny

Jan      23, 2003               Visit A Bad Neighborhood Before It Visits You

Jan      15, 2003                Sleeping With The Beast Of Terror

Jan      14, 2003                S.O.S--Terrorism Approaching--S.O.S 

Jan      10, 2003                Waiting For The Fangs Of Terrorism To Strike The Children's Children   

Jan        6, 2003                How The Beast Of Terror Steals Our Children Under Our Noses

Jan        5, 2003                Why We Should Eat Everyone We Kill     

Dec     22, 2002               Beast Of Terror Teaches Children How To Kill For Fun

Dec    20,  2002                Who's Educating Your Children?

Dec    16,  2002                America's Kindergarten Of Terrorism

Nov    24, 2002                 Assault & Battery By The Terrorist Tongue

Nov    15, 2002                 Execution of Terrorism's "God's Kid!"

Nov      2, 2002                  Mandarin Chinese Helps African American Children Fight Terrorism

Nov      1, 2002                  No Terror In Halloween "Parents of Vigilance" Parade

Oct     31, 2002                   CIA's Halloween Terrorist Report

Oct    29,  2002                   Political Terrorism Rages In Children's Living Rooms

Oct     27, 2002                   A Day With The Terrorists In Central Park, NYC

Oct     23, 2002                   Terror Walking With My Grandson

Oct     19, 2002                   I Am My Grandson's First Terrorist

Sep     30, 2002                   Cain & Able--The Politics Of Iraq

Sep     17, 2002                   Kidnappers Of Terrorism

Sep     13, 2002                   Communitarian Vigilance

Aug    31, 2002                   Sword Of Damocles Hangs Over Our Kids Heads

Aug    25, 2002                   Heroes of Terrorism vs. Heroes of Vigilance

Aug    22, 2002                   Terrorism Of Being Stoned To Death

Aug      8, 2002                   McDonald's--Leading Child Terrorist

Aug      4, 2002                   Eating The Eggs Of Vigilance

Aug      1, 2002                   Granny Nannies Of Vigilance

June    19, 2002                   Medals For Martyrs Of Terrorism

June    16, 2002                   The Greatest Father's Day Gift

June      4, 2002                    When A Man Wears A Skirt

May    22, 2002                    Fighting The Shadows Of Terrorism

May    13, 2002                    Guns & Crosses Of Vigilance

May    10, 2002                    Killing Children Of Innocence/Vigilance

May      9, 2002                    Terrorism & The 5th Amendment

May      8, 2002                    Creating A Child Of Vigilance--13% Factor

May      7, 2002                    ONE DAY CLOSER TO YOUR DEATH  

May      5, 2002                    War Of The Worlds

May      3, 2002                    "I've Got A Sore On My Penis!"

April   28, 2002                     Mirror Of Vigilance

April   26, 2002                     The Courage To Kneel To Vigilance

April   23, 2002                     FAST FOOD TERRORISM

April   22, 2002                     The World's First Terrorist

April   21, 2002                     VIGILANCE NOT EARTH DAY!

April     8, 2002                     The 9-11-20 Vigilance Formula

Mar    28,  2002                     Riding On The Shoulders Of Vigilance

Mar    19, 2002                      TESTICULAR TERRORISM

Feb    25,  2002                      VIGILANCE & BLOOD ON THE TOTEM

Feb      1, 2002                       Expecting The Unexpected From Terrorism

Jan     10, 2002                       TEENAGE TERRORISM VIRUS--"I WANT TO BE SOMEBODY!

Jan       3, 2002                       The Art Of Teaching Children Emotional Anti-Terrorism

Dec    29. 2001                        The Hole Terrorism Leaves In Child's Soul

Dec    19, 2001                       Emotional Terrorism Insurance Policy

Dec    17, 2001                     Yes, Virginia, There is an Osama bin Laden And A Santa Claus Too!                             

Dec    11, 2001                     Terrorism & The Cowboys & Indians

Dec      8, 2001                     Fighting Terrorism Naked

Nov    18, 2001 scroll down to: "Do We Tuck Our Children In At Night With A Semper


Nov    17, 2001                   scroll down to:  "Can We Really Kill Terrorism?" 

Nov    16, 2001                      scroll down to: "Children Of Vigilance"
 Conceived Amidst Ashes & Rubble Of Destruction


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