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**About Vigilance
   Many stories we have written address the whole of Vigilance, how it permeates a person, or should, and the values it creates in those who apply its Principles.


Feb 2, 2005 America's First Mother Of SuperBowl Vigilance

Jan 24, 2005 The Eternal Value Of "Spies Of Vigilance..."

Jan 22, 2005 Thunder Snow: Nature'sVigilance VS. Terrorism

Jan 13, 2005 Finding The Underbelly Of Terrorism Far In Outer Space Or In Our Own Inner Space

Jan 9, 2005 The Fine Grey Wolf Line Between Terrorism & Vigilance

Jan 8, 2005 Terrorism's Thin Skin And How To Toughen It With Vigilance

Jan 3, 2005 Vigilance Resolutions

Jan 2, 2005 The Vigilance Of Times Square: A Coffee Cup Reflection

Dec 24, 2004 Christmas With The Lepers: A Lesson In Emotional Anti-Terrorism

Dec 9, 2004 Why United States Needs AVigilance Bill Not An Intelligence Bill

Dec 3, 2004 Protecting The Vigilance Of A Child's Belief

Nov 28, 2004 Pora! Pora! Pora! vs. Tora! Tora! Tora!

Nov 27, 2004 Millions Jammed Together Prove The Beast Of Terror Can Be Contained

Nov 16, 2004 The Recusant Nature Of Being A Parent Of Vigilance

Nov 13, 2004 Exposing The CIA: The Children's Information Agency

Nov 9, 2004 Tearing Down The Berlin Wall Of Modern Terrorism: Is It Possible?

Nov 3, 2004 The Power Of One: Our Vigilance Electoral College

Nov 1, 2004 Why Vote? Why Not Vote? Ask The Beast Of Terror...

Oct 19, 2004 The Politics Of Fear: Have The Parents Abandoned The Child?

Oct 3, 2004 Fighting The Horror Of Torture On The Streets Of New York City

Oct 2, 2004 The Japanese Ethnic Terror Vice -- The Reminder The World Has No Longer Borders In Politics Or Sports

Sep 25, 2004 Just When You Thought All Rats Were Terrorists...
One Of Them Falls In Love With You

Sep 21 Sweet Silvery Sounds Of F-14s Slicing Through The Sky --A Delusion of Vigilance

Sep 10 Why The Blood Of Vigilance Flows For The Freedom Of All

Aug 13 Join America's Village of Vigilance

July 25 Imagination Is A Key Flaw In The 9-11 Report

July 24 When Is The Right Thing To Do The Right Thing To Do

April  3,   2004      The Terror Of Being Different


April  2,  2004       Wichita Stalked By Beast Of Binding -Torture-Killing Terror.


Mar  27,  2004       Double Trouble Terrorism


Mar  26,  2004       Daily Terrorism Attacks


Mar  23,  2004       Protesting The Terror Of Not Getting A Nobel Peace Prize


Mar  15,  2004        Ducking & Weaving The Intimidation Of Terrorism


Mar 14,   2004        Crosshairs of Terrorism


Mar 13,  2004         The Terror of 299 Body Bags A Day In America


Mar 11,  2004         Quieting The Soul


Mar   8,  2004         Self Immolation--The Ultimate Terror


Mar   5,  2004         Umpiring The Beast Of Terror Within


Mar   4,  2004         Quiet Nightmares


Feb  29, 2004           900 Days From Ground Zero Terrorism vs. Vigilance


Feb  28, 2004          Terrorism Induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Feb  24, 2004          Super Tuesday:  Voting Against Terrorism


Feb  23, 2004          Crippling The Disease Of Terrorism


Feb  22, 2004          Bob's Battle With The Beast Of Lung Terror


Feb    9, 2004          The Terror Of Fighting For Disability Insurance


Feb    8, 2004          Food Terror:  Kids, Don't Eat The Chicken Nuggets or Burgers


Feb    7, 2004          The Troubling Eyes Of Terrorism


Feb    5, 2004          TerrorThoughts:  The Real Weapons Of Mass Destruction


Feb  3,  2004          Why The Beast Of Terror Befuddles The C.I.A.


Jan 30, 2004           Broken Promises Feed The Beast Of Terror


Jan 28, 2004            Wrestling The Beast Of Terror To Victory


Jan 27, 2004           Warts & Pluses:  Signets For The Beast Of Terror


Jan 19, 2004            Martin Luther King Day Is The Beast Of Cancer


Jan 11, 2004            Who's In Charge Of The Fetuses' Rights?


Jan  6,  2004            EGBOK--The Battle Cry Of Vigilance


Dec 2,  2003            There's A New/Old Terrorist In Town:  AIDS


Nov 22,2003           Saluting Dead Presidents


Nov 3, 2003            Throwing The Rocks Of Terrorism At America's Children


Oct 29, 2003            Day 777 From Ground Zero: 
Terrorism's Unlucky Day


Oct 27, 2003            Brush Fires Of Vigilance Rage Within The Children  


Oct  25, 2003           Castrating The Dogs:
 A Newlywed's Nightmare


Oct  22, 2003            Beating The Beast Of Computer Terror


Sep  23, 2003            The Moment Of Truth


Sep  21, 2003            The United Nations Of Complacency


Aug 29, 2003            Gasping Breaths of Terror Seek Oxygen of Vigilance


Aug 18, 2003            Batting 1.000 Against The Beast Of Terror


Aug   9, 2003            Terrorizing The Titanic


Aug   4, 2003            Lawrence of Arabia--A Message of Vigilance or Terror


July 27, 2003             Pacifist Japan Wars Against The Beast of Terror In Japan


July 20, 2003             Stumbling On the Road to Vigilance


July 14, 2003             The Terror of Southern Comfort


July 11, 2003             "Mea Culpa" for Sweeping Judgments


July  7,  2003               Striking Out The Beast of Terror In Central Park Softball


July  5,  2003               Roaring Mouse Of Vigilance


June 28, 2003              The Terrorism of No Spanking and No Junk Call Laws, et al


June 17, 2003              Taxi Terror--When Jews Become Curb Targets In NYC


June 11, 2003              Global Fat Tax Attacks Beast of Terror's Bulging Belly


June   9, 2003               Breeding Babies of Terror from Tennis, Cycling and Schoolgirls


May 21-May 15, 2003  Spitting-Blood Terrorism


May   8, 2003                Cutting Off Terrorism's Right Arm--An Act Of Vigilance


May   7, 2003                 America's Secret Unused Anti-Terror Team--Wild Turkey Hunter


Apr  19, 2003  Toys Of Terrorism


Apr  16, 2003  War Vultures Swoop Down To Gobble False Glory

Mar 26, 2003  Why Iraqis Aren't Jumping For Joy Over Liberation From Terror
Mar  17, 2003  The Moment Of Truth: Turning A Bark Into A Bite
Feb 10, 2003  United Nations Of Complacency

Feb   1, 2003                  Biting The Hand That Feeds Vigilance Over Terrorism

Jan 19, 2003                   Suicide & The Beast Of Terror

Jan   1, 2003                   Laughing At The Beast Of Terror On New Years Day--2003

Dec 29, 2002                   N. Korea, Clones & 9/11 Twins Fuel Terrorism's Complacency

Dec 11, 2002                   Terror Ball--The Deadly Game of "Catch Me If You Can!"

Dec   8, 2002                   The "ab ovo usque ad mala" Of Terrorism & Vigilance

Nov 22, 2002                  Assassination Breeds Terrorism

Nov   5, 2002                  CIA Launches Killing War

Oct  10, 2002                  The Mind Of A Surgical Sniper

Oct    4, 2002                  Global Economic Vigilance

Oct    2, 2002                  Snipers & Grandsons

Aug 27, 2002                  To Attack Or Not To Attack?  That Is The Question!

Aug 15, 2002                  ORGAN TRANSPLANT TERRORISM

Aug   6, 2002                  Terrorists Kill 400,000 In Japan

July 29, 2002                  Teaching American Children To Be Terrorists

July 17, 2002                  The Spine Of Vigilance

July 13, 2002                  ROADSIDE TERROR

July 12, 2002                  SIX SHOOTERS IN THE SKY

July   2, 2002                  The Congressional Mail Laundry Quandary

July   1, 2002                  Terror Of The Creep Factor

June 26, 2002                  Battleship Vigilance--A Dreadnought

June 25, 2002                  Death Row Terrorism--Who's In Charge?

June 21, 2002                  Terror of Buying Your Buttocks A Ticket

June 12, 2002                  "Am I Sleeping In G-Pa's Sweat?"


June   5,  2002                 Taxol Terrorism:  Cancer For Profit

May  25, 2002                 Standing On The Edge Of Infinity

May  23, 2002                 Doctor Of Vigilance

May  19, 2002                 "I Love You, Unk!"


May  16, 2002                 Emergency Room Terrorism

April 16, 2002                 Screams Of Terror

April 15, 2002                 The Torture Warrant

Mar  30, 2002                  Terrorism's Kiss Of Death

Mar  25, 2002                  Venial Sins Of Non-Vigilance

Mar  20, 2002                  TERRORISM & HERD COMPLACENCY

Mar  14, 2002                  Cab Flag Mystery Solved

Feb  20, 2002                   THE WAKE OF DEATH AND LIFE

Feb  16, 2002                   DEATH OF A SOUL BUDDY

Feb  13, 2002                   WALL OF FEAR...WALL OF TERROR

Feb    9, 2002                   TERROR & THE INDIANS

Feb    8, 2002                   Terror Of A Pregnant Woman's Refrigerator

Jan   31, 2002                   THE RIGHT TO BE WRONG--AND ITS TERROR

Jan   25, 2002                   THE SECRET OF USING "FIC" TO FIGHT TERRORISM

Jan   18, 2002                   USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED  

Jan   12, 2002                    TENACIOUS FLAGS FIGHT TERRORISM IN THE WIND

Jan   11, 2002                     Brutus--The Tenacious Flag

Jan     5, 2002                     Snow!!  Purifying the Fear Of Terrorism

Dec  31, 2001                     Sunrise Over Terrorism--Sunspots & Violence

Dec  15, 2001          We Can't Kill Terrorism, But We Can Destroy It

Nov  28, 2001          Proud To Be An American--Even Though It Was Embarrassing
 Freedom Of Speech? 

Nov  27, 2001          The Marines Have Landed! 
 Will they find a Quagmire or engage in the "Battle Of Innocence?"

Nov   21, 2001          Terroizing The Pledge Of Allegiance--
 What does it mean to a five-year-old child?    

Nov   20, 2001           Threat Of The "Dirty Bomb!"--
 What happens if the Terrorists use nuclear radiation as a weapon?

Nov   19, 2001            Are You A Structural Engineering Parent? 
  Lesson from the designer of the WTC Twin Towers

            Nov     7, 2001            Is Terrorism's Great Weapon Complacency?

Nov     6, 2001            When the Parents Of Terrorism Cry Out, The War Will End

Nov     5, 2001            Ashes Of Angels Create Tears Of Passion

Nov     4, 2001            Terror From Within:
 A journey through a psychological ward at NYC's Bellevue Hospital where "lost souls" find good advice from the Sentinels of Vigilance.

Nov     3, 2001           "Mommy, Daddy, What's A Terrorist?"   

Nov     2, 2001           "The Scariest Place On Earth"--
 a short story about a man trapped in his own Fear of Defeat, symbolic of the "Terrorism Within," until a Sentinel of Vigilance brings him a message of Hope.

Nov     1, 2001             Daily Diary--Daily Diary about Vigilance.    Scan them in the morning.  Think about them through the day.   Mental exercises to help you remain Vigilant.  Keep your mind sharp.     

Oct     31, 2001             The Scariest Day Of The Year     

Oct     30, 2001             The Cancerous Cell Of Terrorism

Oct     29, 2001              Salute to Ashes of Semper Vigilantes

Oct     28, 2001              Morning: Innocence of Children in Face of Terrorism

Oct     28, 2001              Evening: Yankees Intimidated

Oct     27, 2001              Constitutional Terrors

Oct     26, 2001              Oklahoma City Semper Vigilantes

Oct     25, 2001              Ready For Anything, Counting On Nothing

Oct     24, 2001              Is America Fighting Terror Alone?

Oct     24, 2001              The Eyes Of Argus Are Upon Us--
 Combat Diary about who is watching our children's safety

Oct     10, 2001              Conversation With Joe “Don’t Send An Elephant To Kill A Mosquito”  

Sep  25, 2001  The Great Ben And Jerry’s Terrorist Plot




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