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Reflections On The World Trade Center Attack
Cliff McKenzie


**Reflections on the World Trade Center Attack
      As a survivor of that horrible day when America was attacked.  I have a special interest in relating my person experiences and weaving them into various stores regarding Vigilance vs. Terrorism.  Here, you will find a combination of my earliest reflections on that day, as well as articles and stories that evolved over the next 1000 days


March 8, 2005 The War Of Conflict Among Nations, States And Families Is A Myth Of Misunderstanding
Jan 28, 2005 When President Bush Forgets To Speak To The Children's Children's Children.
Jan 22, 2005 Thunder Snow: Nature's Vigilance VS. Terrorism
Dec 25, 2004 Christmas 2004: Exactly 1200 Days From Ground Zero
Nov 21, 2004 Killing The Combat Photographer 38 Years Later
Sept 18, 2004 Nine Innings To Ground Zero Is Nine Innings To Ground Vigilance
Sept 12, 2004 Saluting The Legacy Of The Sentinels Of Vigilance
Sept 11, 2004 Picture Memorial To NineEleven
Sept 9, 2004 The Silent Victims Of NineEleven Still Scream Three Years Later
Sept 8, 2004 The Stitch In Terrorism Time
Sept 7, 2004 Lessons From Nine Eleven: Are We Ready For Nine Twelve?
Sept 4, 2004 The Beast Of Terror Has New Strategy: Kill American Children In Schools
Sept 2, 2004 Nine Days To The Memory Of Horror When America's Innocence Was Raped
Aug 21, 2004 The Terror Of A Summer Night At Lincoln Center
July 28, 2004 Fear Of Falling From The Grace Of The Sentinels Of Vigilance
June     3,  2004           Five Days To GZ+1000
May   29,  2004           Where Are You On The 990th Day Of The War On Terrorism?
May   20,  2004            9/11 Inquisition
Mar    29,  2004           Witch Hunting The Horrors Of Nine Eleven

            Mar    18,  2004        7:39 a.m.--Salute To The Spanish Sentinels of Vigilance

Mar      3,  2004           A Mother's Vigilance--My Baby's Not Dead

Feb 11-12, 2004           Who Really Killed Jesus?  A Debate Over The Beast Of Anti-Semitism

Feb     10,  2004           The Pain Game:  Memoirs Of A TerrorHunter

Feb       9,  2004           The Terror Of Fighting For Disability Insurance

Feb 26-27, 2004          A Moment Of Silence For 6 World Trade Center Victims

Feb    14,  2004            A Valentine Of Vigilance

Dec      9,  2003            Yes, Virginia, There Is A Beast Of Terror

Nov   12,  2003             Why Are 80% of Americans "Very Proud" of Their Country vs. Less Than 40% of the French Being Very Proud Of Their Country

Sep    19, 2003              Last Breath Of Vigilance

Sep    17, 2003              Picking The Bones Of The Dead

Sep    10, 2003              The Eve Of Vigilance

Sep      8, 2003              Burying the Last Vial Of Terrorism's Blood

Aug   31, 2003              A Million Minutes Later: The Eyes Of Vigilance See

Aug   30, 2003              Turning On Switch Of Vigilance or Terrorism

Aug   17, 2003              Flexing The Muscles Of Vigilance Over Terrorism

Aug   13, 2003              700 Days From Ground Zero

July   26, 2003               Bashing A Child's Head With A Baseball Bat: Unintended Terrorism

May   29, 2003               Feeding The Beast Of Terror Hate For Dinner

May    5,  2003               600 Days From Ground Zero

Mar   22,  2003               Two Marines Die--Saluting The Sentinels Of Vigilance

Mar   15,  2003               Vigilance Lost In The Wilderness Of Complacency

Jan    25,  2003                500 Days From Ground Zero

Dec   21, 2002                 A Good Day To Visit A Graveyard

Dec   13, 2002                 Friday the 13th vs. Tuesday the 11th

Dec     2, 2002                 Is Henry Kissinger The Right Guy To Protect
Our Children From Terrorism's Threats?

Nov   17, 2002                 Zuni Indians "Eagle Dance" for Sentinels At Ground Zero

Nov   10,  2002                 Zonka, Husky Of Vigilance

Nov     7,  2002                 13th Anniversary From Terrorism's Gallows

Nov     3,  2002                 3000-Year-0ld Vigilance Dancers Celebrate Death Over Life

Oct    17,  2002                 400 Days From Ground Zero

Oct      7,  2002                 Building The Towers of Vigilance

Sep    28,  2002                 Fetuses & Vigilant Health

Sep    25,  2002                 Cry Of Life In The Wake Of Death

Sep    20,  2002                 "I Miss The Twin Towers!"

Sep    19,  2002                 Eulogy To Char--Last Breath Of Courage

Sep    18,  2002                 Burying The Placenta Of Vigilance

Sep    15,  2002                 Baptizing A Son Of Vigilance

Sep    12,  2002                 Ground Zero: 
 Tomb or Garden Of Vigilance?

Sep    11, 2002                   9.11.02--5:30 a.m. Dawn Of Vigilance

Sep      8, 2002                   9 Seconds To Hell

Sep      3, 2002                   9-11 Baby Arrives--One Year Later!

Aug    11, 2002                  A SCALP OF VIGILANCE

July    15, 2002                   FRESH KILL:  RACERS OF VIGILANCE

June   28, 2002                   Radicals Of The '60s--Unite To Fight Terrorism With Vigilance

June  22, 2002                    The Conspiracy Theory--U.S. Attacked U.S.

June  18, 2002                    Medals For Martyrs Of Terrorism

June  17, 2002                    Picking The Bones Of The Dead

June  15, 2002                    Ground Zero--Graveyard or Garden Of Vigilance?

June  10, 2002                    Street Vendor Of "Let's Roll" Vigilance

June    8, 2002                    THE BLOODY LEAF OF TERRORISM

June    6, 2002                    D-Day, 1944 vs. T-Day, 09-11-01               

June    1, 2002                    "God's Flushing His Toilet"

May  31, 2002                     Taps & Tears at Ground Zero

May  29, 2002                     Eve Of The Birth/Death Of Vigilance

May  28, 2002                     Courage, Kids & The Statue Of Liberty

May  24, 2002                     Thinker Of Vigilance

May  15, 2002                     Ground Zero Crisis of Ordination

April 30, 2002                     Eagle Eye View Of Ground Zero

April 29, 2002                     One Woman's Choice--Terrorism or Vigilance?

April 14, 2002                      Please, Feed Me!  Please, Feed Me!

April 13, 2002                      Extinguishing The Shafts Of Vigilance

Mar   24, 2002                      Clouds Of Vigilance

Mar   11, 2002                      SHAFTS OF VIGILANCE

Mar   10, 2002                      NINE-ELEVEN--BIRTHDAY OF VIGILANCE

Feb    28, 2002                      Restarting Your Day From Ground Zero

Feb    14, 2002                      Valentine's Day Is For Loving, Not Terrorization

Feb    11, 2002                       8,111 MIRACLES OF VIGILANCE

Feb      6, 2002                       NO TERROR CAN FRIGHTEN THE QUEEN

Feb      4, 2002                       THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE GROUND ZEROES OF LIFE

Jan      28, 2002                       I'm Going To Be The Grandfather Of Vigilance

Jan      27, 2002                       The Glory Of An Innocent Tear

Jan      23, 2002                       GROUND ZERO REVISITED--192,960 MINUTES LATER

Jan      19,  2002                        FRESH KILLS LANDFILL-9-11 Clearing Center

Jan        2,  2002                        Remember To Never Forget

Dec      27, 2001  The Stench Of Death and Perfume Of Honor


Dec      18, 2001                        The Resurrection Of A Patriotic Tear  

Dec10, 2001  Terrorism's Last Gasping Breath-The First Quarter Since September 11                                                   

Dec         9, 2001                       scroll down to: Dinosaurs & Terrorists Cannot Be Killed 

Sep       13, 2001                      Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty 

            Sep       12, 2001      Donít Bury Your Liberalism in The Grave of Terrorism                                                                

Sep       11, 2001                       Apocalypse New York  

Sep       11, 2001                        The Day The Beast of Terror Returned 


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