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Vigilance Message To The Children
Cliff McKenzie

**Vigilance Message To The Children

      Here you will find stories written to the children regarding the Principles of Vigilance.  The Sophia Wisdoms, written by G-MA Lori, supply a rich supply of how to convey Vigilance to a child.  Other stories you will find are directed both to parents and children, and their relatives and loved one,  about how to impart the Principles of Vigilance to the young so they may be protected from the wrath of the Beast of Terror.


Dec 28, 2004 Haunting Tsunamis Plus Happy Hello Kitties

Oct 23, 2004 Blowing The Leaves Of Time: A Child's Power Over Nature

Oct 20, 2004 Kid's! Beware The Beast Of Baseball Terror!!!

Aug 15, 2004 The Pregnant Belly Of Olympic Vigilance  

April 10,    2004         Beast of T.V. Terror Eats Little Children Daily

Mar  25,    2004          One Nation Under???  Attacking the Pledge Of Allegiance

Mar  16,    2004          15,000 NYC Third Graders Attacked By Beast Of Educational Terror

Mar   7,     2004           Sexual Vigilance Among Teens

Mar    6,    2004           Sleeping With The Child Of Innocence

Mar    2,    2004           Monsters Of The Imagination

Feb   21,   2004            Are Terrorists Eating Their Young?

Feb   20,   2004            Terrorize Culture:  Kill History

Feb    6,    2004            How Children Wash Clean The Beast Of Terror

Jan   30,    2004            Broken Promises Feed The Beast Of Terror

Jan   29,    2004            Angels Throwing Snowballs At The Beast Of Terror

Jan   26,    2004            One Third Of America's Children Are Born To Unmarried Mothers: Brags The Beast Of Terror

Jan   25,    2004            What We Do To A Child, We Do To God

Jan 23-24, 2004            Meliorating The Sentinels Of Vigilance

Jan   18,    2004             Banishing Those Who Dance With The Beast

Jan   17,    2004             Mind Melding With A Sentinel Of Vigilance

Jan   10,    2004             Launching The Beast Of Terror Into Space

Dec  25,    2003             Learn The Secrets Of Vigilance On Christmas Day

Dec  24,    2003             Eve Of The Youngest Sentinels

Dec  23,    2003              Parable Of The Ant & The Leaf: The Third Secret Of Vigilance Over Terrorism
Part IV of V from the Legends Of Christmas Vigilance

Dec  22,     2003               How A Piece Of Rock Candy Banished Darkness From The Land Of Vigilance
Part III of V from the Legends Of Christmas Vigilance

Dec  21,     2003               The First Secret From The Stranger Of Vigilance: Part II of V

Dec  20,     2003               The Legend Of Christmas Vigilance--Part One Of Five

Dec 12-13, 2003               Tree Of Vigilance

Dec    9,     2003                Yes, Virginia, There Is A Beast Of Terror

Nov  29,    2003                 Bad Santa Terrorizes Children Of Vigilance

Oct   31,    2003                 Unmasking The Beast Of Halloween Terror

July    2,    2003                 Ode To The Children of Dissent

Mar  12,    2003                 Why Did You Kill Our Daddies?  Dialog with Saddam's Grandchildren

Dec  24,     2003                  When Rats Squeal

Sep     5,    2002                  Where Is My Mommy?  My Daddy?

Nov    3,    2001                   "Mommy, Daddy, What's A Terrorist?"  
  How do you explain a Terrorist to a child?  What lesson do you teach?   This QT offers sample dialog to teach a lesson about Fear and Intimidation to a child.


More! Go To The Sophia Wisdoms!!!

G-Ma Lori rocking one of her grandchildren

                 The Sophia Wisdoms are written by G-MA Lori, specifically for parents, grandparents and loved ones of children. 

            Go To Sophia-1 Wisdom--A Fairy Tale For Children--Guardians Of The Towers     

              Go To Sophia-2 Wisdom--Watch Out--The Dinosaurs Are Coming!

             Go To Sophia-3 Wisdom-Parents And Halloween Terrorism

             Go To Sophia-4 Wisdom--Keep The Candles Of Vigilance Always Lit

           Go To Sophia 5 Wisdom--Destructasaurus:  A lesson in violence management

             Go To Sophia 6 Wisdom--Wash Your Hands, Please!

           Go To Sophia 7 Wisdom--The Thanksgiving Empty Chairs

          Go To Sophia 8 Wisdom- - Letters to Santa 2001

             Go To Sophia Wisdom 9--The Comfort of Traditions in the Face of Terrorism

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 10-The Selfless Christmas Stocking

            Go To Sophia Wisdom 11 --The Lesson of a New Year's Resolution

           Go To Sophia Wisdom 12 - The Family Hour

           Go To Sophia Wisdom 13 - A Terrorless Valentine's Day

           Go To Sophia Wisdom 14 - The Shamrock of Vigilance

           Go To Sophia Wisdom 15 - Here Comes Peter Cottontail

         Go To Sophia Wisdom 16 - Girls Can Be Goatsuckers Too

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 17 - You Can Be a Super Hero, Too

           Go To Sophia Wisdom 18 - Pigeon Paranoia

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 19 - Three's Not a Crowd in the Garden of Vigilance

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 20 - The Waters of Life and Death

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 21 - The True Meaning of Christmas

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 22 - Emotional Band-Aids

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 23 - Toys of Vigilance

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 24 - The Fix-it Gals

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 25 - Water-Proofing The Children's Children's Children From The Beast

          Go To Sophia Wisdom 26 - "Rule 62" or Vigilant Activities

         Go To Sophia Wisdom 27 - Please, No Barbie Dolls!

Go To Sophia Wisdom 28 - Can You Teach Your Child To Be Patriotic?

Go To Sophia Wisdom 29 -"Say No To Drugs" - Be A Parent Of No-Drug Vigilance

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