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The Media And The War On Terrorism

Cliff McKenzie

**The Media And The War On Terrorism

     Daily, we are bombarded by a cornucopia of information regarding the War on Terrorism, from the radical conspiracy theories that suggest our single intent is to capture the Mid-East oil and rule the world, to the right wing conservatism of Rush Limbaugh saying that American prison guards in Iraq were just “letting off steam” when they tortured and humiliated prisoners.  On top of the list of personalities to address in this section is the role of the Press.  You’ll find the history of the media and a variety of stories to chew on about the role of the media in the battle between Vigilance and Terrorism. 



April 7, 2005 A Million View Sentinel Of Religious Vigilance

March 14, 2005 The Scar Tissue Of War -- Scabs Of Peace & Freedom

Nov 29, 2004 What Happens When News Reporters Crawl Into The Belly Of The Beast Of Terror?

Nov 21, 2004 Killing The Combat Photographer 38 Years Later

Oct 5, 2004 Why The Beast Of Terror Will Be Watching The World Series Playoffs Rather Than The Political Debates

 May    16,     2004    Ripping The Fabric Of The Flag Over Iraq

Feb    1-2,     2004    Wonder Why So Many Died On 9/11?  Look To Iran!

Jan     31,      2004     Super Bowl Sunday:  A Day of Domestic Terrorism Or Family Vigilance?

Jan     22,      2004      Beast Of Media Terror Shreds Howard Dean's National Father of Vigilance Image

Jan     20,      2004      Attack-Dog Politics Turn And Bite Dr. Dean

Jan     14,      2004      State Of The Family Vigilance Union Speech

Jan     13,      2004      The Great Secret of Vigilance Is Not Political Terrorism

Nov   13,      2003      Why The World Despises America--Including Our Own Terror Politicians

Oct    30,      2003       The Threat Matrix of Vigilance vs. Terrorism

Aug   21,      2003       Where Is Fox Network's "Fair, Balanced & Vigilant" News?

Aug     7,      2003        Love & Hate: The Beast of Terror's Great Conflict

Aug     2,      2003        Mel Gibson:  A Christ-Killing Anti-Semitic Terrorist?

Aug     1,      2003        11 Anti-American Films Attack Nine Eleven As Just

July   29,      2003         The Terrorism Betting Pool

July   28,      2003         Infamy or Vigilance:  The Great War To End All Wars

July   22,      2003         To Thine Children's Children's Children Be True 

July   13,      2003         Where Is The Clear & Present Danger Anti-Terrorism Principle?

July   12,     2003          Iraq Body Count Website:  Fuel For The Beast of Terror?

July    8,      2003          How Do You Overdose On Moral Clarity?

June  18,     2003          Outer Limits Of Terrorism

June    8,     2003           Keyser Soze--Usual Suspect Of Gait Recognition Terrorism

June    6,     2003           D-Day At The New York Times

May   12,    2003          The Terror Of The Truth  

Apr    23,    2003          Ripping Terror From The Headlines

Apr     4,     2003          Do The Crime, Serve The Time--Punishing War Protestors

Apr     2,     2003           Embedding Vigilance, Ejecting Terrorism

Apr     1,     2003           How Walter Cronkite Ambushed Peter Arnett In Baghdad

Mar   27,    2003           Anti-War Protests Turns Peace Into War

Mar   15,    2003            Vigilance Lost In The Wilderness Of Complacency

Feb   27,    2003            Terrorism & The Lilliputians--You're Not In Charge of Me!

Feb     6,    2003            The Stench of CBS's Beast Of Terror Lingers

Jan    26,    2003            My Big Fat Greek Wedding:
A Celluloid Battle of Terrorism vs. Vigilance

Jan    11,    2003             The Miscibility Of Terrorism & Vigilance

Dec   26,    2002             Bones Of Terrorism vs. White Christmas

Dec   24,    2002             When Rats Squeal

Dec     4,    2002             What Can We Learn About Terrorism From Russian News

Nov   28,   2002             Dancing With The Bear Of Terrorism

Oct    22,   2002              Is Humanitarianism Dead?

Oct    11,   2002              Saddam...Osama...Or...Dismissed & Cribcrash?

Aug   17,   2002              A SEXIST ATTACK ON THE NANNY GRAMPY?

July   20,   2002              The Vigilance Of K-19

June  28,   2002               Radicals Of The '60s--Unite To Fight Terrorism With Vigilance

May  27,   2002               Strolling Into The Jaws Of Terrorism

May  21,   2002               Pointing The Finger Of Terrorism

Feb   12,   2002                No Security At Homeland Security

Dec   26,   2001               Have We Forgotten The True Heroes Of 9/11?

Oct      3,   2001               “What Would Peter Zenger Do”     

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