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Foundations Of Vigilance
Cliff McKenzie


**Foundations of Vigilance
      In this section we have collected various stories that include the history of Vigilance, tracing its roots back to the Spartans who established the “Sentinel of Vigilance” legacy through Simonides, a Greek poet who reminds us of the importance of being alert to the dangers of Terrorism.  We also include various stories and articles defining Vigilance such as the Formulas For Vigilance and the evolution of the Pledge of Vigilance.  This section informs readers of the roots of our thinking, and helps establish a solid understanding of how Vigilance must override Terrorism.



Jan 5, 2005 Why Tsunami Animals Know More Than Humans

Nov 19, 2004 The 13th 9-11 Factor: It Isn't Over Yet

Nov 7, 2004 The Marathon Of Vigilance: Can You Outrun The Beast Of Terror In Your Backyard?

Oct 30, 2004 Thomas Jefferson and Osama Bin Laden Warn Americans To Be Wary Of Politicians Trying To Protect Them From Terrorism

Oct. 29, 2004 America's Constitution Crumbles While The European Union's Grows Strong


Sept 3, 2004 The Evolution Of The Vigilance Revolution
1776 vs. 1735 vs. 2948

April 15-16, 2004  Central Agency of Vigilance

March 10, 2004      Peering Into The Eye Of God?  Or Beast of Terror?
Nov     25, 2003     The Vigilance Platform: What American Politics Needs

Sept 29,    2003      The Skepticism of Vigilance

Sept 28,    2003      The Facade Of Terrorism

Sept 20,    2003      What Is Terrorism?

Sept 11,    2003      The Vow Of Vigilance On Ground Zero Plus 729

Aug  12,   2003      Creating An Anti-Terrorism Constitution In Iraq

July  4,     2003      America's Fading Flag of Spangled Vigilance

July   1,    2003      Stand Up Against The Beast of Supreme Court Terror

June 27,   2003      Liberia - Our Next Beast of Terror Target ?

June 25,  2003       Custer, Sitting Bull & The Battle In Iraq--All Little Big Horns

June  1,    2003      France Urges U. S. To Back Off Terrorism Agenda

May  10,  2003      100 Million-year-old Army Ants March On Terrorism

May  1,    2003      Declivity of Terrorism vs. Acclivity of Vigilance

April  21, 2003      Celebrating Saddam Hussein's Birth-Death Day

March  7, 2003      Thomas Jefferson's Unilateral Action Against Terrorism 199 Years Ago

March  3, 2003      Racing The Chariots of Vigilance Against Terrorism

Feb   24,  2003       Defining Terrorism:  Can You Do It For The Children?

Feb   8,   2003        Personal Reflections On Using Minor Weapons of Mass Destruction

Feb  4,   2003         Is Vigilance Worth $200 Million To Pay Off Saddam Hussein

Jan  29, 2003         The 2003 State Of The Vigilant Union Speech

Jan 17, 2003          U.S. Strategic Terrorism Plan Falls Short Of Vigilance Goal

Nov  8, 2002         Vigilance--The Antidote to Terrorism's Bubonic Plague

Oct  25, 2002         15 Terrifying Minutes Of Sniper Fame For Truck Driver

Oct  15, 2002         Bali's "Vigilance Youth Corps"

Sept 26,  2002        Apologetics Of Vigilance

Sept   9,  2002        The Facade Of Terrorism

Aug  14, 2002        Deep Space Voyager Of Vigilance

July 21,  2002        One Out Of Many

July  4,   2002         Independence Day: 07-04-'76 or 09-11-02?

July 16,  2002          DUST TO DUST--BURIAL OF VIGILANCE

June 27, 2002         "One Nation, Under Vigilance,
With Liberty And Justice For All."

June  2, 2002       Terrorism's Ancient History Is Alive

April 6,  2002         The 0.1% Vigilance Factor

            Mar  26, 2002         Vigilance & George Burns--"I'm Alive!"

            Mar 23, 2002          The Skepticism Of Vigilance

            Mar 21, 2002          VIGILANCE & THE FOUR FREEDOMS

Mar  7,  2002           RULES OF VIGILANT ENGAGEMENT

Mar  6,  2002           PRAYING FOR SEEDS OF VIGILANCE

Apr  3,  2002            Bottle Of Vigilance From Reno, Nevada

Feb 24,  2002           FIRST THOUGHT VIGILANCE

Jan   7,  2002           The Epiphany Of Terror & Vigilance

Jan   1,  2002           New Years Day--2002--The Vigilance Resolutions

Dec 14, 2001         Why Terrorism Will Never Surrender

Dec    1, 2001          Remember Pearl Harbor--In Advance--Keep Vigilant--
 Keep An Open To Terrorism--Being Prepared!
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Nov 30, 2001 Lighting The Tree Of Unity At Rockefeller Center--
A Tradition Of E Pluribus Unum. Out Of Many. One.

Nov 26, 2001 The Shame! Forgetting To Honor Our Heroes Of Vigilance On Thanksgiving (scroll down for next story below)

Nov 25, 2001Creating An Anti-Terrorism Wand To Ward Off The "Evil Ones"

Oct 11, 2001 692,000 Heartbeats Later

Oct 5, 2001 How A Three-Year Old Brought The Twin Towers Back To Life

Sep 16, 2001             Lost Child Of Terrorism (Help Me Find My Daddy)



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                    Welcome to the Principles of Vigilance     



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